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Budget Update - January 17, 2018

Dear Campus Community:

Last night Governor Matt Bevin revealed his biennial budget proposal and provided key insights into his priorities for Kentucky over the next two years. The Governor’s budget proposal is consistent with his promise to meet the escalating pension obligations that will now consume $3.31 billion during the budget cycle, representing nearly 15% of all General Fund spending.
To balance the budget, the Governor is recommending a 6.25% cut to most state agencies and the complete elimination of nearly 70 programs. These program cuts represent roughly $85 million in savings if enacted.

To address the funding issues facing the state, the Governor again called on legislators to tackle tax reform as soon as possible. He fundamentally believes that real and meaningful reforms will spur economic growth and provide a much-needed infusion of revenue needed to support the essential government services throughout the Commonwealth.

The direct impact of the 6.25% reduction on EKU will be approximately $5 million in our base appropriation for FY19 and FY20. This proposed cut is in addition to the 1.3% reduction, approximately $650,000, that the Governor announced in late December. In addition to this level of budget reductions, the proposed KERS rate increases were maintained at 84% for the biennium, and represent a $10 million increase in fixed and unavoidable costs. The net impact of these two areas represents approximately $15 million for our institution.
As it relates to the mandated programs that the Governor proposed to cut, I am happy to report that the budget preserves the funding for our Model Laboratory School. The Governor also proposed a $300 million bonding pool for deferred maintenance projects on our public university campuses. The pool requires a matching fund source, but this will give us the opportunity to address some of our critical facility maintenance issues on campus.
Another major policy issue we have been following and advocating for is the state-funded financial aid that provides more than $17 million in direct aid to our EKU students from the merit-based Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) and need-based College Access Program (CAP) grant. The proposed budget fully funds these programs and helps support our students in their pursuit of a college degree. The positive impact of protecting these programs shows a real commitment to accessibility and affordability of higher education in Kentucky.

This is the first step in the budget process, and there will be many opportunities for us to work with legislative leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities this budget proposal presents. There will be much debate, and we will work diligently to keep you informed during the process.

The EKU story is a powerful one, a story grounded in opportunity, personal transformation and service to one another. We proudly tell that story to anyone who will listen, and we will do everything we can to ensure that we will be telling that story to countless generations yet to come.

As we continue to work through our own budget process here on campus, I would ask that we do all we can to stay focused and serve our students to the best of our ability. Keep in mind that there will be a future, and in that future we will be the best version of EKU that we can be.

Thank you for all you do to support Eastern and our mission,

Michael T. Benson

EKU Budget Advisory Committee - November 29, 2017

One of the many benefits of working at a place like Eastern Kentucky University is that we are surrounded by colleagues of great ability and capacity.  Their experience and perspectives provide us the opportunity to make the best possible decisions for the University as we move forward in some very challenging times for higher education generally and for EKU particularly.
In this regard, I have assembled an ad hoc EKU Budget Advisory Committee as we prepare to enter the 2018 legislative session and our financial situation starts to come into clearer focus.  The role of this group will be to make recommendations to the President’s Council for consideration which will then be taken to the EKU Board of Regents for deliberation and action.
We have attempted to get a representation across campus and areas with the membership of this working group.  The members are:

  • David McFaddin (representing the President’s Council)
  • Tanlee Wasson (representing Academic Affairs and Institutional Research)


  • Matt Winslow (representing the Faculty Senate)
  • Sara Zeigler (representing the Deans’ Council)
  • Mary Clements (representing the Chairs Association)
  • Melinda Compton (representing the Provost’s Office)
  • Stephanie King (representing the Staff Council)
  • Mark Maier (representing the Office of Legal Counsel)
  • Barry Poynter (representing Finance and Administration, including Auxiliary Enterprises and Athletics)
  • Brett Morris (representing Student Success)
  • Burke Christensen (representing the EKU faculty at large)
  • Sarah Pitt (representing Human Resources)

The work of this group will begin immediately.  I will keep the campus apprised of its progress with regular communications as the members work toward making recommendations by March 1, 2018.
Thank you for your continued service to EKU and our students.
Yours sincerely,
Mike Benson

Updates from Other Years

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