Noel Studio

Metacognition Events Focus on Student Success

McGuire photo

Faculty and students at Eastern Kentucky University will come together Feb. 19-20 for a common purpose: to enhance the teaching-learning process and student success with proven metacognitive strategies.

A series of sessions featuring noted metacognition scholar Dr. Saundra McGuire are scheduled over the two days.

Noel Studio Receives National Recognition for Effective Design

Noel Studio photo

Eastern Kentucky University students are flocking in increasing numbers to the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity for assistance in designing effective communication pieces.

Conversely, the Noel Studio’s design itself is an inspiration as they seek to become better communicators and researchers.

Noel Studio Director Co-Edits Book

Dr. Rusty Carpenter photo

The advent of Web-based education has focused attention on university and industry partnerships, particularly on ways in which online learning might lead to new models of collaboration and engagement across previously clearly delineated borders.

Conferences Will Serve to Showcase Noel Studio for Academic Creativity

Eastern Kentucky University’s Noel Studio for Academic Creativity will be showcased nationally next year when two organizations bring conferences to campus.

In spring 2012, the Noel Studio will be the hub for conferences of the National Association of Communication Centers and the Southeastern Writing Center Association.