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Policies and Information
For students enrolling in online courses at EKU
  1. General Policies for All Students

    1. Students should satisfy the technical proficiencies required for the online course: familiarity with computers, the Internet, and World Wide Web. See "Prerequisites for Students Enrolling in an Online Course."

    2. Students not previously enrolled at Eastern Kentucky University should submit their online admission application NO LATER THAN August 1 (Fall), January 1 (Spring), May 1 (Intersession), or June 1 (Summer).

    3. All students must register with EKU in order to participate in a class and receive credit.

    4. EKU policies concerning course registration, withdrawal, satisfactory progress, grading, and other academic matters apply to EKU online courses.

    5. If an EKU online course has a required real-time interactive component, students must have access to a computer and the Internet at the time(s) required and must participate in real-time interactions at the time(s) instructed.

    6. Students agree to the following statement appearing in the syllabus:

      By enrolling in this course, I give my instructor permission to publish and distribute transcripts of real-time conversations, discussion forum postings, listserv contributions, email messages, Web pages (including images, photographs, graphs, and charts), and any other materials produced for this course.

  2. Registration for EKU Students

    1. EKU students must obtain approval from their academic advisor before registering for an EKU online course.

    2. Registration for an EKU online course is the same as for other EKU courses. It can be accomplished

      1. By touchtone phone through the Colonel Connection (606/622-2020)
      2. At the Registration Center (Combs 218)
      3. At an EKU extended campus location (Corbin, Danville, Manchester)

  3. Transfer of Credit for Non-EKU Students

    If a student intends to transfer credit from the EKU online course to another institution, he or she must first consult with the appropriate official(s) at his or her own institution and receive approval for taking an EKU online course. It is the student's responsibility to request transfer of the credit after the course is completed.

  4. Financial Aid

    Financial assistance is available for degree seeking, eligible students enrolled in online courses. Students must meet all federal eligibility requirements and be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) credit hours. To apply, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and EKU Request for Aid forms. For more information, contact the Division of Student Financial Assistance .

  5. Tuition and Billing
    1. EKU online and traditional classroom courses have the same tuition. Kentucky residents pay in-state tuition; non-residents pay out-of-state tuition. Tuition rates are posted in the current EKU Schedule of Classes and on the University's Web Online Courses site at < http://www.online.eku.edu >.

    2. The student is responsible for full payment of tuition, fees, and all other debts to the University. Students are responsible for payment even though they do not receive a billing statement. Contact the Division of Billings and Collections (606/622-7232) for general information and credit card payments (606/622-7242).

  6. Withdrawals and Refunds

    Policies concerning withdrawals and refunds for EKU online courses are the same as those for all other courses offered by the University. See the current EKU Schedule of Classes for information on withdrawals and refunds on the University's Web site at .

  7. Textbooks

    EKU online course textbooks are available in the Eastern Kentucky Bookstore. Contact the Bookstore's textbook office at 606/622-2696 for information on orders.

  8. Enrollment Period and Extensions

    It is expected that EKU online courses will be completed during the semester in which enrollment is undertaken. However, should a student be unable to complete a course within the regularly scheduled semester, he or she may request an "incomplete" grade from the instructor. Should the instructor decide an "incomplete" is warranted, the work must be completed before the end of the next semester or the grade automatically reverts to an "F."