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Recommended Skills
For taking online courses at Eastern Kentucky University
If you are interested in registering for an online course, you are expected to have the following minimal access and skills:
  1. Access to a computer with at least Windows 95 (or equivalent), a 28.8 modem, and 16 MG or more of RAM (or a Power Mac)

    • a telnet client such as Pueblo
    • an FTP client

  2. An EKU VAX account, or a personal mail account with a commercial carrier

  3. Ability to word-process and manage text files

  4. Ability to send, receive, reply to, forward, and save email; e.g., using PINE or Netscape Mail

  5. Reliable access to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  6. Ability to use Netscape or Microsoft Explorer as a graphical browser in order to

    • do searches
    • bookmark and organize Web sites
    • download programs
    • copy text and graphics from a Web site

  7. Ability to cut and copy text from one application to another

If you are unable to do one or more of the above, you should gain such skills before registering for an online course by enrolling in:

  • CSC 110: Computer Literacy with Software Applications
  • CIS 212: Introduction to Computer Information Systems
  • Various Academic Computing and Telecommunications Services (ACTS) short courses offered throughout the semester

It is desirable that you have these additional skills:

  • ability to use FTP
  • ability to compose HTML documents with an HTML editor such as Adobe PageMill, Netscape Navigator Gold (or Communicator), etc.

You can gain these desirable skills before registering by also enrolling in CSC 105: Software Applications Topics.

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