Arts and Humanities Collaborative Offers Professional Development Sessions in Region

The Arts and Humanities Collaborative in Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Education is sponsoring 11 professional development sessions for K-12 teachers throughout the University’s service region.

The sessions, made possible with a grant from EKU’s Regional Stewardship Office and free of charge to any teacher or pre-service teacher in EKU’s service region, will focus on how to use the arts as an instructional tool in language arts, mathematics and social studies classrooms. Host sites are McCreary, Bell, Casey, Madison, Laurel, Powell and Russell counties.

Specific topics include: Exploring 19th Century America: Manifest Destiny, the Native Americans and the Civil War through the Arts; Creating Our American Identity: Colonial/Revolutionary Period; Teaching Literacy through Storytelling; and Math and Music: Using Cell Phone Technology and Music to Teach Math Concepts.

For more detailed information, contact Sarah Evans, director of the Collaborative, at 859-622-8488 or at

The Arts and Humanities Collaborative is housed in the University’s Southeastern/South Central Educational Cooperative.

Published on January 05, 2011

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