Here are the steps to get course materials copied from one Blackboard site into another:



·         Inside your original (or “old”) course, among the Control Panel links below the Course Menu, . . .

·         Click Packages and Utilities to open a submenu, then click Course Copy.

·         On the Copy Course page, the only option available is to Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.

·         Click Browse and select a destination course (i.e., your “new” site). You must click the radio button for the course and then click Submit.

·         Select at least one area from the list of materials.

·         Click Submit. Be sure you do NOT include 'Users' or 'Enrollments' in this copy operation!

·         If you get no confirmation message, REPEAT the steps from "Browse" through Submit.

·         You will receive a green confirmation box informing you that the process has begun, and copying will succeed.

·         NOTE: Blackboard will often create new content buttons for areas like ‘Course Documents’ so if you do not see the areas fill immediately after you receive the email notification, please refresh your view or wait for a few minutes as the new buttons will appear at the bottom of your list in the new course. This will help you avoid copying multiple times and getting a lot of unwanted duplicates.

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