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Blackboard Student Guide  
  • How do I sign on to Blackboard?
  • What other ways can I login to Blackboard?
    • Browse to the EKU web site:
    • Choose EKU Online Learning located on the left of the webpage.
    • Click Login to EKU Blackboard. OR Type in this web address:

  • What is my username and password?
    • If you have activated your student email account, your Blackboard username and password match your EKU email account.
    • If you lose your username or password, call 859-622-3000(Option 3) for help.

  • What if my email account is not activated?
    • Browse to EKU web site  --
    • Click the link at the left edge that says Activate Student Email and follow the steps.
    • **Note: passwords expire every 90 days**  For help with password renewal, please see the help information on the Blackboard login page.
    • After reading the Code OF Ethics for Computing and Communications, Enter your EKU ID number, and your PIN, which for this step is your six-digit birthday (mddyy).
    • If you have completed the above steps and you are still unable to activate your account, call 859-622-3000(Option 3) for additional help.

  • I forgot or misplaced my username and/or password!
    I am having problems logging into Blackboard!
    • You can get the help you need by calling 859-622-3000 (option 3).
    • Visit us at Combs Office Building, Room 209.
    • Go to the main campus computer labs.

  • After I sign on to Blackboard, what do I do next?
    • On your WELCOME screen look for the MY COURSES list.
    • The list will show all the courses your instructors have made available for the semester.
      click a course name to enterclick a course name to enter
    • “MY EKU” tab returns you to the WELCOME screen.

  • My instructor’s course is missing from my list of “Courses in which you are enrolled”! What can I do?
    • Contact the instructor to find out if Blackboard will be used.
    • Ask the instructor if the course has been made available. (This is something the instructor must do, before you can see the class on your list.)
    • Have the instructor check to make sure you are actually registered for the class.
    • After completing the above steps, and if other students are able to get into the Blackboard site for this class, but you cannot, you may call 859-622-3000 (option2) for assistance.

  • How do I navigate inside Blackboard?
    • After selecting your course, use the menu buttons located on the left.
    • Located under the course menu buttons is a Course Map that will give you a bird’s eye index of the course materials.

  • How can I find my syllabus in Blackboard?
    • Most instructors will place their course syllabus in the Course Information area.  Some instructors will change the names on their menu buttons to help you know what is available.
    click “Course Information” (etc.) to read course materials click “Course Information” (etc.) to read course materials

  • What is my Homepage in a blackboard course? How do I change it? How do I view other student’s pages in my class?
    • Your homepage is an opportunity for your classmates to view your picture and personal information that you would like to share.
    • To edit your home page go to Tools, HomePage.
    • The introduction usually consists of your reason for taking the class and your major.
    • As you make changes, be sure to click Submit.
    • To view other student’s homepages go to the Communication tab. and choose Roster. For the complete list, leave the search box empty and click Search.  Each class member’s name is a link to their homepage.

  • How do I send email for the course?
    • Choose the COMMUNICATION menu button and then Send Email option.
    • You can send a message to everyone in the course with the All Users link. You can choose to send an email to certain members of the course by choosing the Select Users option. You can send an email only to your instructor by selecting the All Instructors option.

  • How do I send and receive messages from Blackboard’s internal messaging system?
    • You can also use Blackboard’s internal messaging system to send and receive private messages! This is a great convenience because it does not clutter your email. The messages stay within the Blackboard course. You just have to remember to check them periodically inside of Blackboard because the messages are not sent to your email.
    • Choose the Communication button, then the Messages option.
    • You can send a new Blackboard internal message or check your inbox/sent messages from this location.

  • How do I check my Grades?
    • Choose the Tools option from the menu buttons inside a course.
    • Choose View Grades.
    • Note: You will find your official midterm and final grades through EKU Direct, the same system used for online registration. EKU Direct is entirely separate from Blackboard, and grades are not automatically shared between them. EKU Direct is another name for the Banner system. Enter EKU Direct from the EKU Web page.
    • Note: The list of your grades will include a number labeled as the 'class average' for each assignment. This is NOT a reliable statistic and you should simply ignore it.

  • My teacher asked me to post a response on a discussion board. What do I do?
    • Click on Communication Menu Button and then choose Discussion Board.
    • Look for the forum your instructor has assigned and click its title.
    • If you are asked to post a new message click Add New Thread and your screen will look like this
    • Fill in a subject and a message and then click Submit.
    • If you need to reply to a thread, locate the message and click its title to read it. At the end of the message click the Reply button, and you will see an editing screen like the one above.  Be sure to click Submit to get your information recorded.

    • Several new features have been added to the Discussion Board, check the instructions below to navigate around some of Blackboard’s newest features!
      To access a Discussion Board, click on the Communication menu button, then choose Discussion Board.
    • Once you are inside of the Discussion Board option click on the title of the Forum or topic you wish to participate in.
    • From within the topic you will then see this screen:

  • This screen allows you to see different entries that students have posted.
    • To participate or post your ‘Thread’ click on the Thread icon at the top right hand corner. Enter your Subject and Message for the rest of the class to review.
    • To view the amount of replies that have been posted to this ‘Thread’, look at the end of the thread column then you will see Unread Posts and Total Posts.
    • Unread Posts are postings that you have not yet viewed and Total Posts is the amount of postings within this Thread.
    • To Reply to one of these postings, click on the thread title and choose Reply
    • While you are drafting a message there is also a ‘Save’ feature. When you are ‘saving’ a draft you can retrieve it by changing the Display menu from ‘Published’ to ‘Show All’.

  • From this screen you can see the original post and all of the replies attached to this posting.

  • Can I log into Blackboard from home?
    • You must have an Internet connection.  Blackboard works entirely through your Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Apple Safari), so no special software is needed.
    • For EKU’s web course requirements see  The main requirement is that your browser must be up-to-date and current; this means that you should be using Netscape 7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 or better, or Apple Safari 1.2 or better.
    • Note: Some components of Blackboard require “Java” software that is not automatically included with some Windows systems but can be downloaded from the Web at no charge and which is easily installed. 
    • Files with formats like Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint need specialized software to display on some systems where      the programs themselves do not exist. Free “readers” for these files can be downloaded from the Web at no charge and easily installed.
    • If you need assistance with browser upgrading or configuration, call 859-622-3000(Option3).

  • When I am ready to send a file to my instructor what rules must I follow?
    • File names contain only letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.  It is always a good idea to include your last name in the filenames.
    • File names NEVER contain spaces, number signs, parentheses, apostrophes, slashes, dollar signs, brackets, or any punctuation marks except a single period.
    • The single period is always followed by the correct “extension” such as .doc or .txt that helps Windows computers to identify which program will open the file.
    • Most programs now attach the extension automatically when saving a new file; Macintosh users may need reminding to make sure their software adds it.
    • For best results with “typed” documents exchange files in the following formats (only):
      • Microsoft Word (.doc extension)
      • Rich Text Format (.rtf extension)
      • Plain Text (.txt extension)

    • Note: Files created with other Microsoft programs such as Excel and PowerPoint are transmitted easily and reliably through Blackboard.  However, files in WordPerfect (.wpd) or Microsoft Works (.wks, .wps) formats are not suitable for transmission through Blackboard.  You may still use Works or WordPerfect, but you must remember to save your files into one of the acceptable formats, through FILE – SAVE AS, before it is sent to instructor.By clicking “Save,” the file is transmitted to your system and can be worked on outside the Internet browser.

  • How do I send files to my instructors using Blackboard?
    • There are several ways to send your completed assignments to your instructor and/or members of the course. ASK YOUR INSTRUCTORS FOR DIRECTIONS.  Do not try to guess how your file should be sent.  Here are the steps for each one:

  • View/Complete an Assignment (the best way to send a file to your instructor)
    • Inside your course site, follow your instructor's directions to the link that says View/Complete Assignment. There may be additional instructions for you to read.
    • When you have followed the directions, click the View/Complete Assignment link.
    • Fill in Comments section (at least one typed character is required).
    • If you are attaching a file, click Choose File. Also make sure your filename is acceptable (see correct file types listed above).
    • Locate the file you wish to attach.
    • Double-click or highlight file and click Open.
    • Click Submit (not “Save”) and the file will be sent to the instructor.
    • Note:  This kind of Assignment can only be submitted once. If correction is needed within the file or you send the wrong file, you will have to ask your instructor to clear your attempt before you can submit it again.

  • How do I check an assignment that I submitted as a SafeAssignment?
    • If your instructor is using the Safe Assignment feature the screen that lists your submission will include a report of text matching. A text matcher will scan your file for any matching text from the internet resources which also includes a database from EKU and other universities.
    • This means that if you submit a file that contains copied text from the internet it will contain the list of 'copied' text from the text matcher and will highlight the copied text with red, green or blue and display the location from the source where it was 'matched'.
    • You can view your 'text matching' results by choosing the View/Complete Assignment from where you submitted the original assignment. Click on View under the Checked Content box.
    • The results will display the 'matched' results which will turn into a URL. You can click on the 'matched' text URL and it will give you the website that the text matches with.
    • Note: The report will be available to you and your instructor a few hours after the submission. We recommend that you look at the report as soon as possible to view the results for any 'mistakes'. If you need to revise your paper after it has been submitted, you must ask your instructor to reset the attempt.

  • Attach a file to an email message:
    • Use this method only with instructor’s permission. Consider this your last resort for sending files.
    • Be sure to follow the standard rules for filenames and formats (see correct file formats listed above).
    • Inside Blackboard, open the Communication menu button and select Send Email—All Instructors. Type a short message to identify yourself clearly. Below the message typing area, click the Browse button and select the file(s) you want to attach. Click Submit and your file will be delivered with your message.
    • Sending a message to your instructor automatically posts a copy to your email.

  • How do I hide a class that I am no longer taking from the list of my Courses?
    • Choose the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the My Courses Window.
    • You will then see this window

    • If you uncheck the Display Course box after the course name and hit Submit it will hide the course from your list.

    • WARNING:  Hiding a course this way does not remove you from registration for the course.  Nor does it prevent you from receiving email sent to the class.  For permanent removal from the course contact the instructor or email

  • Where can I get additional assistance?
    • Visit us at Combs Office Building Office 209.
    • Call us at 859-622-3000(Option 3).
    • Email us at
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