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  EDF 320, Human Dev/Learning-Vocational Ed
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Semester: Summer 2014
Course Subject: EDF
Course #: 320
Course Section: 001
Course Title: Human Dev/Learning-Vocational Ed
Course Section Information: Reliable internet access is a requirement for this course. High-speed internet access (i.e., cable, ISDN, etc.) is recommended. All class assignments, quizzes and examinations will be performed via the Internet on the course Blackboard site. Students must obtain and use an EKU e-mail account on a regular basis. If a student needs help in obtaining an EKU e-mail account and/or a Blackboard account, they should contact IT at 859-622-3000 2 weeks prior to the beginning of class.

This course is demanding and requires the student to manage his or her time well. Students will be required to submit assignments on or before weekly deadlines -- but other than that, students have flexibility in completing assignments. This course has been condensed into 6 weeks --therefore, student should plan enough time each week to complete all of the readings, online assignments, group work (as assigned), quizzes and exams. Usually 6-10 hours each week is sufficient.

The Blackboard (Bb) course site will be available for students to access on Friday, May 16. Students should access the course no later than Monday, May 19 and have their textbook in-hand on before Monday, May 19, 2014.

Students are expected to begin the course content on Monday, May 19. Students are also expected to check into the course Blackboard site 4-5 times each week (throughout the week). Students are required to complete modules each week and meet all deadlines presented on the course Blackboard site.
Credit Hours: 3
Special Section 
Registration Requirements: 
Course Begins: May 19, 2014
Course Ends: Jun 27, 2014
Instructor: Dr. Paula Jones
Instructor's Email: paula.jones@eku.edu
Web Course Features (Students will be required to use):
 Email Discussion Boards Online Chat/Virtual Classroom
 Online Tests PowerPoint Files Other  Web conference through a free resource called "Anymeeting"
 Required Online Chat;
Times, Dates and frequency of Online Chat Sessions:
There will be at least 1 additional web conference held during our class session -- (the date/time TBD).

Chat sessions may be held (tools within our Bb course site) throughout the course (usually optional -- chats can also be recorded for later review)
 On-Campus or ITV(KTLN) meetings:
Times, Dates:
Our first class meeting will be offered on campus and/or through a web conference session (optional attendance, the session will be recorded for those who are not able to attend -- and can review the information at another time).

All assignments, assessments and communications are provided within the Bb course site.
 Printed Textbooks:
See Bb course site for textbook information.

Snowman, Psychology Applied to Teaching (13 Edition). ISBN 978-111-129-8111

The Bb course site will be available for students to access on or before May 16, 2014
 Required Software:
Word 2010 or above
Power Point
Instructor's Web Page
(with syllabus and detailed course information):