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  EMC 105, Survey of Medical Terminology
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Semester: Fall 2014
Course Subject: EMC
Course #: 105
Course Section: readme
Course Title: Survey of Medical Terminology
Course Section Information: An introduction to basic medical terminology. Course content includes medical terminology word roots, prefixes and suffixes as well as general terms.
Credit Hours: 1
Special Section 
Registration Requirements: 
Survey of Medical Terminology - CRNs 51704 and 51195
Course Begins: Aug 18, 2014
Course Ends: Dec 13, 2014
Instructor: Dr. Sandy Hunter
Instructor's Email: sandy.hunter@eku.edu
Web Course Features (Students will be required to use):
 Email Discussion Boards Online Chat/Virtual Classroom
 Online Tests PowerPoint Files Other  audiovisual files (e.g., Flash, Java, wav, mp3, avi, mov)
 Required Online Chat;
Times, Dates and frequency of Online Chat Sessions:
Students must check the Blackboard site of the course (not just the general Blackboard site) on a daily basis (Monday - Friday) to assure that no required assignments or evaluations are missed.
Unit exams and quizzes must be completed on the dates assigned during the hours announced via the syllabus and as updated by the instructor. Students who fail to do so may receive a "0" for the exam or quiz.
All exams will have time-limits once started and may be password protected. The time-limit for an exam or quiz will begin as soon as the link is clicked. If you close your browser, the timer will NOT stop until the item is submitted. Unit exams and quizzes must be attempted without the use of textbooks, internet sites or other resources. Deadlines will be strictly enforced. Unit Exams will provide limited feedback. The final exam will provide a "score" only. Students should complete all quizzes and exams using a broadband dependable connection.
 On-Campus or ITV(KTLN) meetings:
Times, Dates:
Exams will be available as posted on the syllabus. Generally, this will be Wednesday 8 a.m.) through Friday (8 a.m.).
 Special conditions for tests such as designated locations or proctors:
Until informed differently by the instructor or ITDS, (updated)Firefox must be used for all online assessments. Internet Explorer and other browsers continue to generate occasional errors upon test submissions. Firefox must have updated versions of Flash and Java.

Exams MUST be completed on the dates at the times assigned. Failure to be aware of posted dates and times will NOT be accepted as an excuse for missing exams or quizzes.

Time Limit Penalty - for persons exceeding time limits for quizzes or exams
*0 - 5 minutes past time limit = no points are deducted from student's score
*6 - 10 minutes past time limit = 10 points are deducted from student's score
*11 - 20 minutes past time limit = 20 points are deducted from student's score
*21 - 30 minutes past time limit = 30 points are deducted from student's score
*31 - or more minutes past time limit = no credit will be awarded

 Printed Textbooks:
Required Texts:
Medical Terminology, A Short Course, Chabner, W. B. Saunders Company (6th edition)
ISBN #978-1-4377-3440-9
 Required Software:
Firefox (Internet browser current version), Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash Player, Java, a Media Player (for commonly used Internet video and audio files); a sound card with speakers
Instructor's Web Page
(with syllabus and detailed course information):