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  PHI 130, Beginning Ethics ONLINE
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Semester: Summer 2016
Course Subject: PHI
Course #: 130
Course Section: 001
CRN: 50745
Course Title: Beginning Ethics ONLINE
Course Section Information: This is a fully online course. Students are required to compose essays, take online quizzes over the textbook readings, participate in online chats, and post assignments to the class journal, wikis and discussion forums.

Each week you will participate in TWO online chat sessions, discussing textbook material and issues related to the essay assignments. Your course "Journal" will contain answers to questions about the textbook readings. You will also be posting discussion board messages about "ethics in real life," and you will be collaborating (or co-laboring) with the class to produce a Wiki (linked Web pages) about ethics. For each main topic you will compose answers to some essay questions. Details about all of these components will be released during the first days of the class.
Credit Hours: 3
Special Section 
Registration Requirements: 
Course Begins: Jun 20, 2016
Course Ends: Aug 12, 2016
Instructor: Gene Kleppinger
Instructor's Email: gene.kleppinger@eku.edu
Web Course Features (Students will be required to use):
 Email Discussion Boards Online Chat/Virtual Classroom
 Online Tests PowerPoint Files Other  Wiki, Journal
 Required Online Chat;
Times, Dates and frequency of Online Chat Sessions:
You will participate in REQUIRED twice-weekly online chats with the instructor, typically arranged for Monday and Wednesday evenings (7:30-9:00 p.m.). The actual schedule will be posted when we know about students' availability. We will use the Blackboard (typed) chat room. You must reserve time in your personal schedule for these regular chat sessions, but there is flexibility built in to meet changing needs. A limited number of chat absences can be "made up" through commentary on the transcripts of chat sessions.

 Printed Textbooks:
MacKinnon and Fiala, Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, EIGHTH edition. ISBN: 9781285196756. Please note that only the EIGHTH edition is acceptable for this online course. Do NOT get the "Concise Edition" for this course. The electronic version of the book is 100% identical to the printed version, but costs significantly less to purchase or rent. The EKU campus bookstore has this textbook. Check the prices at Amazon.com and also at Cengage. Make SURE you are purchasing the EIGHTH EDITION of this book.

The first chapter (only) of the textbook is available in the Blackboard site for the class. You must have the full book (printed or electronic version) within the first days of the class.

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