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  ETL 803, Curriculum for Teacher Leaders
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Semester: Summer 2013
Course Subject: ETL
Course #: 803
Course Section: 003102
Course Title: Curriculum for Teacher Leaders
Course Section Information: CRNs: 52229 & 52231
This section focuses on middle grades (5-9) curriculum and assessment. This online course will incorporate the use of PowerPoint 2010, Word 2010, and internet applications such as VoiceThread and Audacity. You will need to have a microphone for recording, unless your computer has a built in microphone. You should check your recording level to be sure.
Credit Hours: 3
Special Section 
Registration Requirements: 
Course Begins: Jul 01, 2013
Course Ends: Aug 09, 2013
Instructor: Dr. Faye Deters
Instructor's Email: faye.deters@eku.edu
Web Course Features (Students will be required to use):
 Email Discussion Boards Online Chat/Virtual Classroom
 Online Tests PowerPoint Files Other   VoiceThread, Skype
 Required Online Chat;
Times, Dates and frequency of Online Chat Sessions:
No required whole class synchronous chats. Chats will be scheduled at group discretion or professor's discretion based on student availability.
 Printed Textbooks:
This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents
� Author: National Middle School Association
� Publisher: National Middle School Association
� ISBN-13: 9781416605713

Chappuis, J., Stiggins, R., Chappuis, S., Arter, & J. (2011). Classroom Assessment for
Student Learning: Doing It Right � Using It Well. Boston, MA: Pearson.
ISBN-10: 0132685884,
ISBN-13: 9780132685887

TaskStream (Required for all students enrolled in the new programs for Masters of Arts in Education with the Teacher Leader Endorsement.) If you have not yet purchased your TaskStream subscription, you must do so for this course. See the document attached to this email for directions on how to purchase TaskStream and enroll in the Teacher Leader portfolio.
 Required Software:
TaskStream Subscription www.taskstream.com
Microsoft Office 2007 (or free download patch or reader)
Instructor's Web Page
(with syllabus and detailed course information):