Meadowbrook Farm

Here is a part of EKU rarely seen by the masses, Meadowbrook Farm. I was invited, last week, to spend few hours on the farm with some members of the Ag Club and a couple of faculty members in the Department of Agriculture. In spite of the heat (and the smell... don't tell them I mentioned that) this crew was lively and fun to be around. Though some of the gentlemen weren't keen on being photographed I think we eventually conquered that discomfort through systematic desensitization... AKA, camera in the face over an extended period of time.

Information below was taken from:

Meadowbrook Farm was established by Eastern Kentucky University in 1974 for the purpose of providing practical experience for the students studying agriculture or related subjects while serving as a learning resource for the general agriculture community. It is a teaching laboratory that supports academic programs within the EKU Department of Agriculture and also provides outreach to the community. Students and visitors have a unique opportunity for hands-on experiences and to observe practical applications of agricultural practices. The farm consists of 720 acres of gently rolling land suitable for various livestock and crop enterprises.

Published on September 07, 2011