• EKU Web10 - March 2009
  • 521 Lancaster Avenue
  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Richmond, KY 40475
  • Phone: 859-622-1000

New Site Instructions

  1. Copy the contents of web10/ to the root directory of the new website.
  2. Edit the page parameters of default.php using the New Page Instructions.
  3. Edit the website parameters of the custom.php file (in inc/):
    1. Set $HOMEURL to the URL of the new website.
    2. Set $website_title to the name of the new website.
    3. Set $contact_email to the email linked to the contact person in the footers of the pages in the new website.
    4. Set the contact information displayed on the local left menu by editing the HTML (in inc/menu.php ).
    5. Edit the local menu items (in inc/menu.php) to match those of the new website.