• EKU Web10 - March 2009
  • 521 Lancaster Avenue
  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Richmond, KY 40475
  • Phone: 859-622-1000

Template Structure

archive/           Every directory has an archive folder for backup.

img/               Contains any graphics unique to this website
  photo/           Contains photo(computerLab.jpg) for the roundedBox() example.
inc/               Contains the configuration files for this website
  custom.php       Configures website information such as menu items
  header.php       Start of page code
  menu.php         Side menu code
  footer.php       End of page code, also includes google analytics code
  local.css        Local css file, can be used to override default css styles

  default.php      New Web10 Page Instructions

  default.php      New Web10 Site Instructions

people/            Can rename or have more than one of these directories.
  default.php      Displays contact information using names in people.txt
  people.txt       firstname.lastname and/or firstname_lastname list

backup.php         Backup and maintenance instructions
default.php        Web10 Homepage
news.php           Show news for this website via database (DB)
structure.php      This page!