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Letter of Thanks
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TO: 2003 University Ad Hoc Committee on Promotion & Tenure
FROM: Dave Eakin, Faculty Senate Chair
DATE: October 25, 2006
SUBJECT: Thank You

Dear Committee Members:

I am writing on behalf of Faculty Senate to thank you for the work you did to produce the Ad hoc Committee Report on Promotion and Tenure [2003]. I am happy to report to you that this was passed with some thoughtful revision in our last Senate meeting.

All of us recognize that we live or die by committee on this campus and that only a small portion of the faculty dedicate themselves to this kind of service. From such dedication, beginning as early as 2001, this Report and its recommendations came to fruition. For some “ad hoc” is viewed as roughly synonymous with “ad nauseum” or “ad infinitum”. Although this work required a multi-year process, the significance of the outcome to each faculty member on this campus warranted such care.

Your contribution will benefit all of our faculty members, both present and future. On behalf of all current Senators, thank you again for your time, your unselfish service and the monumental work done to create this document.

Very sincerely,

David A. Eakin
Chair, Faculty Senate