November 2011

photo of student Marty Dye with EKU plane

No, Eastern Kentucky University has not established its own air force, but the university’s rapidly expanding Aviation Program has taken a leap in visibility with the first of many airplanes bearing an EKU design and color scheme.

Math and English Transition Programs Featured in Education Week Article

Books illustration

Eastern Kentucky University’s efforts to develop mathematics and English transition programs in area high schools is already resulting in a reduced need for remediation at the college level, thereby saving students and families valuable time and dollars.

Now the initiatives are earning national attention.

Campus, Community Honor Sacrifices of Military Veterans in Holiday Ceremony

photo of name reader

Lt. Gen. Robert Yerks received more than two dozen awards for valor during his long and distinguished military career.

But it was an injured soldier in a hospital who paid the ultimate tribute to Yerks when he struggled “violently” just to raise his arm enough to salute the retired lieutenant general.

Students Expand Educational, Career Horizons on Trip to China

photo of students at Great Wall

The Pizza Hut “palaces,” the “sensory overload,” “scorpions, snake, and other mystery things ‘on a stick’ from street vendors” and every mode of transportation imaginable were only some of the many memories of an unforgettable trip to China for 23 Eastern Kentucky University students and two EKU faculty members.

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