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Jewelry and Metals

Student heating metal.

The BFA in Jewelry and Metals provides you with an in-depth knowledge of history of metalsmithing as well as “hands on” use of the equipment and techniques used in the craft. You will begin your course of study with ART 240: Jewelry and Metalsmithing I where you are introduced to the use of metal as an expressive media and techniques and tools associated with the art form including piercing, sawing, embossing, soldering, simple stone setting, and casting.

As you continue through this BFA program, you gain knowledge and experience in:

  • Wax carving and casting by both centrifugal and vacuum methods.
  • Simple production methods, forging and forming.
  • Fine jewelry fabrication techniques.
  • Hollowware techniques and raising.
  • Enameling, plating, mold making, stone setting.
  • Various other historical and contemporary means of working with different media.

Many of our program graduates have gone on to own businesses which are located in the central Kentucky area and offer our students the opportunity to learn from their experience. This, coupled with the visiting artist program which brings artist-metalsmiths to campus for lectures and workshops, provides a rich learning environment for our students.

Our Studio

The Jewelry and Metals studio consists of a suite of five interconnecting rooms which allow the isolation of various procedures including, but not limited to:

  • Large bench/design area which serves as a lectern as well as space for simple sawing, filing, sanding, etc.
  • Soldering/casting area for work on large scale sculptural objects as well as jewelry.
  • Space for heavy work such as forging, forming, raising, and milling.
  • Buffing space for final finishing, wax carving, grinding, and drilling.
  • Private work area for jewelry and metals BFA candidates with bench and storage.
  • Access to wood-working shop and computer lab for the application of CAD.

Available Equipment: 

  • Gas burn-out and enameling kilns
  • Kerr Handi-Melt furnace
  • Large buffing machines and flexible shaft machines
  • Draw bench, acid/pickle areas and soldering stations
  • Rolling mills, large sheet-metal shear, Beverly shear
  • Copper plating electroforming system ultrasonic cleaner
  • Drill presses and 12-ton shop press
  • Box/bending brake
  • Vacuum investor/caster
  • Anodizing system
  • Ring sizer/stretcher
  • Bead/sandblast cabinet
  • Electronic scale
  • Steam cleaner
  • Wax injector

Art and Design

521 Lancaster Avenue
309 Campbell Building
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-1629
Fax: 859-622-6509

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