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Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S) in Art/Design Studio, students will gain a broad knowledge of a variety of media and techniques, will be able to apply elements and principles of art and design, be more aware of the influence of perception and observation, and communicate ideas effectively and expressively. Students will apply critical and creative thinking through making, research, analysis, and writing to demonstrate an awareness of historical and contemporary concepts, theories, and styles across global cultures and time periods. Students pursuing the B.S. in Art/Design Studio will have the opportunity to explore multiple disciplines beyond the Department of Art and Design.

Minor in Studio Arts

A student may minor in Art Studio by completing a minimum of 18 hours as follows:

Select 3 hours from:

  • ART 100: Drawing I
  • ART 152: Design, Two‑Dimensional
  • ART 152: Design, Three‑Dimensional
  • ART 154: Digital Media

Select 15 hours from:

  • ART 210: Painting I or ART 216: Painting for Non-Majors
  • ART 230: Printmaking I or ART 236: Printmaking for Non-Art Majors
  • ART 240: Jewelry and Metalsmithing I or ART 246: Jewelry and Metals for Non- Majors
  • ART 280: Photo, Black and White Film
  • ART 290: Ceramics – Hand Building Methods or ART 376:Ceramics for Non-Majors
  • ART 300: Drawing Media
  • ART 301: Figure Drawing
  • ART 401: Advanced Drawing
  • ART 312: Painting II or ART 313: Painting III
  • ART 314: Painting IV
  • ART 334: Traditional Printmaking
  • ART 335: Print Media or ART 336: Contemporary Printmaking
  • ART 341: Jewelry and Metalsmithing II
  • ART 343: Jewelry and Metalsmithing III
  • ART 381: Photography, Color Digital.
  • ART 382: Photography III or ART 383: Photography IV
  • ART 391: Ceramic Wheel Forming 1
  • ART 392: Ceramic Mixed Media Methods
  • AED 360:Introduction to Materials Inquiry
  • AED 361: Art Teaching Grades P- 5
  • DES 250: Introduction to Graphic Design
  • DES 256: Graphic Design for Non-Majors
  • DES 350: Typography I
  • DES 351: Sophomore Studio

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