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BIOS Seminar Series

Spring 2022 Seminar Series

Fridays, 11:15-12:05, refreshments begin/Zoom opens at 11:00
LOCATION: SCIBD 2221 and Zoom

*All titles are TBD at this time, please check back for updates*

January 28: Mr. Aaron Strobel – USDA – “Experiences of a U.S. Forest Service Fire Fighter” – Hosted by Dr. Pat Calie

February 11: Dr. Bradley Kraemer – Eastern Kentucky University – “Effects of neurotrophin signaling on neurodegenerative diseases” – Hosted by Brady Parlato

February 18: Dr. Tyler Mahoney – University of Louisville – “Predicting headwater flow permanence and stream expansion and contraction using a process based hydrologic model” – Hosted by Dr. Kelly Watson

February 25: Dr. Heather Reynolds – Indiana University – “Plants in the City: Taking Community Ecology Downtown” – Hosted by Dr. Jennifer Koslow

March 11: Mr. Mike Compton – Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission – “Ecological assessment of the Green River associated with the dam infrastructures near Mammoth Cave National Park” – Hosted by Dr. Sherry Harrel

March 25: Dr. Andrew Mehring – University of Louisville – “Animal-plant-microbe interactions in wetland habitats” – Hosted by Dr. Stephen Richter

April 1: No BIOS Seminar – ASB Meeting

April 8th: Jane Dostart – Eastern Kentucky University / University of Kentucky – “Magnaporthe oryzae Structural Genome Evolution Facilitated by Telomere Retrotransposons” – Hosted by Dr. Pat Calie

April 15th: Ms. Elizabeth Beilke – Indiana State University – “The trophic ecology of insectivorous bats and their impact on temperate forests” – Hosted by Dr. Luke Dodd

April 22: Dr. Rick Kopp – Georgetown College – TITLE TBD – Hosted by Dr. Malcolm Frisbie

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