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Communications & Brand Management 5 Migration and Maintenance

Migration and Maintenance


A university’s website is one of the most influential tools students use during their college search. The current EKU site, redesigned and launched in Fall 2022, was the beginning of a campus-wide website migration and redesign project to elevate the university’s brand and prize assets.

EKU is migrating all of its sites to the content management system WordPress, which is used to run complex sites for universities of all sizes including: MIT, Cornell, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Boston University, the University of Southern California, and Syracuse. The advantages of WordPress include free, open-source software; advanced accessibility; customizable creative tools, and search engine optimization (SEO).

CBM collaborates with campus partners to examine a site’s content and reconfigure the functionality/design to provide an exceptional digital experience for users on every type of device.

We are focused on:

This is a multiple year project. CBM will provide campus with information about website redesigns, including updates to the project timeline and guidelines.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Preparing Your Site for Migration

Web content strategists across campus are the individuals assigned to access and maintain a site’s content. Every EKU site must have a primary content strategist. Sites that do not have a content strategist are subject to permanent removal.

University web content strategists will work with the CBM Web Team to migrate their site to WordPress. In preparation, content strategists must:

  • Review the content on your pages to make sure the information is relevant, up to date and succinct
  • Determine content to be deleted (Note: generally, aim to reduce site volume by 40% or more)
  • Determine content to be moved to the intranet
  • If you have questions regarding your college or department website, please contact your content strategist. If your site does not have a strategist, please work with stakeholders in your unit to identify one and communicate this information to CBM.

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