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Content Audits

The term content includes the words, images, buttons, tables, and other information on your website. Quality content is essential. It comes before design in the creation of new websites. EKU sites must provide clear, concise, and accurate information that supports the university’s goals. Additionally, content must be presented in a way that is accessible for all visitors and easy to navigate.

The Office of Communications and Brand Management is partnering with campus departments to review and update their sites’ content ahead of migration, adjust styling to our new branding elements, and launch these new sites in the WordPress platform. It’s imperative to clean up our content now so that outdated and irrelevant information isn’t brought over to our new sites.


What Is a Content Audit?

A content audit is an examination of all the content on your website (text, images, PDFs, etc.) and how that content is performing. An audit leads to making adjustments that increase activity and accessibility on your site, improve organization, and remove anything outdated. Content audits ensure we’re maximizing your website’s performance, as well as its content.


Why Content Audits Are Important

These audits:

  • Increase site views
  • Bring in new users
  • Decrease bounce rates (the amount of time a user views one page and then leaves the site)
  • Increase the time spent on your site
  • Help achieve the goals you set when you created the content
  • Help develop new content ideas
  • Help determine what makes your content effective

Beginning Your Site Migration with a Content Audit

The first step in EKU’s websites migration and redesign project is a content audit of your current site. CBM will ask you to review your site’s content, make any updates, and identify all pages that are no longer needed. CBM will review your results and your current site, and then build your new site for your review before launch. 

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