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Colleges & Departments Directory

College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. John Wade, DeanRoark 106622-1405
Dr. Tom Otieno, Associate DeanMemorial Science 184622-1393
Dr. Deborah Core, Interim Assistant DeanMemorial Science 106622-8140
Jennifer Miller, Academic Administrative SpecialistRoark 108622-1398
Kelly Fox, Academic Administrative SpecialistRoark 108622-1407
Valerie Miller, Academic Administrative SpecialistRoark 108622-1603
Anthropology, Sociology, & Social Work
Kelli Carmean, ChairKeith 223622-1366
Art & Design
Mr. Herb Goodman, ChairCampbell 309622-1629
Biological Sciences
Dr. Robert Frederick, ChairMoore 235622-1531
Dr. Lori Wilson, Interim ChairMoore 337622-1456
Computer Science
Dr. Ka-Wing Wong, ChairWallace 417622-2398
Dr. Pradhan Gyan, ChairBeckham 106622-1769
English & Theatre
Dr. James Keller, ChairCase Annex 467622-5861
Dr. Kevin Rahimzadeh, Assoc. ChairCase Annex 463622-2093
Dr. James Moreton, Coordinator, Theatre ArtsCampbell 306622-1315
Foreign Languages & Humanities
Dr. Ezra Engling, ChairCase Annex 368622-2996
Geography & Geology
Dr. John White, ChairRoark 103622-1273
Dr. Lynnette Noblitt, Interim ChairMcCreary 113622-5931
Lynnette Noblitt, Esp., Director, Paralegal ProgramsMcCreary 113622-1025
Christiane Taylor, ChairKeith 323622-2423
Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Patrick Costello, Interim ChairWallace 312622-5942
Dr. Rob James, ChairFoster 101622-1341
Philosophy & Religion
Dr. Laura Newhart, ChairCase Annex 268622-2698
Physics & Astronomy
Dr. Jerry Cook, ChairMoore 351622-1521
Dr. Robert Brubaker, ChairCammack 127622-1105
College of Business and Technology
Dr. Robert Rogow, DeanBTC 220622-8111
Dr. William Davis, Associate DeanBTC 215622-1574
Danielle Warr, Senior Office AssociateBTC 257622-1086
Tiffany Hampton, Academic Administrative SpecialistBTC 257622-1086
Patty Holly, Academic Administrative SpecialistBTC 257622-1086
Julie Spease, Academic Support SupervisorBTC 257622-1086
John A. Stratman, Academic AdvisorBTC 210622-1840
MBA Program
Ms. Nikki Kowalski, CoordinatorBTC 251622-1775
Accounting, Finance & Information Systems
Dr. Oliver Feltus, ChairBTC 108622-1087
Dr. John Settimi, ChairCarter 2622-2228
Applied Engineering & Technology
Dr. Tim Ross, ChairWhalin 302622-1197
Aviation: Mr. Anthony Adams, CoordinatorWhalin 245622-1014
Dr. Liz Hansen, Interim ChairCombs 317622-1871
Management, Marketing, & Administrative Communication
Dr. Lana Carnes, ChairBTC 011622-1377
Military Science & Leadership
LTC Richard Livingston, ChairBegley 524622-1205
College of Education
Dr. William Phillips, DeanCombs 420622-1175
Dr. Sherwood Thompson, Assistant DeanCombs 420622-1175
Dr. Kim Naugle, Associate DeanCombs 421622-1175
Melanie Shaffer, Teacher Admission & Certification Tracking SpecialistCombs 423622-1828
Counseling & Educational Psychology
Dr. Larry Sexton, ChairCombs 406622-1124
Educational Leadership
Dr. James Rinehart, ChairCombs 406622-1125
Dr. Robert Biggin, Associate ChairCombs 406622-1129
Educational Technology
TBD, CoordinatorCombs 428622-8250
 (Assistance with Teacher Education E-Portfolio)
Rande Jones, Resource ManagerCombs 430622-2172
Yamini Rudraraju, Web MasterCombs 422622-6890
Daryl Six, Web SpecialistCombs 430622-2172
Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Dorie Combs, ChairCombs 215622-2154
Special Education
Dr. Debbie Haydon, ChairWallace 245622-4442
Student Teaching - Professional Laboratory Experience
Mrs. Rose Skepple, DirectorCombs 425622-1544
Teacher Education Services
Dr. Norman Powell, DirectorCombs 423622-1828
College of Health Sciences
Dr. David D. Gale, DeanRowlett 203622-1523
Dr. Deborah Whitehouse, Associate DeanRowlett 225622-1957
Julie K. Robinson, Academic Administrative SpecialistRowlett 205A622-1139
Shelia Adkins, Academic Administrative SpecialistRowlett 205B622-1683
Associate Degree Nursing
Ms. Peggy Tudor, ChairRowlett 220622-1942
Baccalaureate & Graduate Nursing
Dr. Judy Short, ChairRowlett 223622-1956
Clinical Labratory Science
Dr. Worley Johnson, Acting ChairDizney 220622-1940
Environmental Health Science
Dr. Worley Johnson, Acting ChairDizney 220622-1940
Exercise & Sport Science
Jack Rutherford, ChairMoberly 231622-1887
Family & Consumer Sciences
Dr. Diane Leggett, ChairBurrier 102622-3445
Health Promotion & Administration
Dr. Michael Ballard, ChairBegley 420622-1142
Health EducationBegley 420622-1142
Medical AssistingDizney 225622-1028
Health Services Administration
Dr. Michael Ballard, ChairDizney 118622-1142
Recreation/Park Administration
Jon McChesney, ChairBegley 405622-1835
Occupational Therapy
Colleen Schneck, ChairDizney 103622-3300
College of Justice and Safety
Dr. Allen Ault, DeanStratton 354622-3565
Norm Spain, Associate DeanStratton 252622-1141
Karrie Moberly, Executive to the DeanStratton 354622-2131
Aaron Raider, Advising & Academic Services ManagerStratton 354622-6845
Safety, Security, & Emergency Management
(formerly: Loss Prevention & Safety)
Dr. Larry Collins, ChairStratton 250622-1054

 Assets Protection Program

 Norm Spain, CoordinatorStratton 252622-6674

 Homeland Security Program

 Dr. Mike Collier, CoordinatorStratton 27622-6762

 Fire & Safety Engineering Technology Program

 Greg Gorbett, CoordinatorStratton 250622-2344

 Emergency Medical Care Program

 Nancye Davis, CoordinatorDizney 235622-1028

 Traffic Safety Institute

 Dr. Terry Kline, CoordinatorStratton 218622-1012
Criminal Justice & Police Studies
Victor Kappeler, ChairStratton 467622-1978/622-8016
Linda Fossen, Associate Vice PresidentSSB 340622-3047
University Programs
Dr. Sara Zeigler, DeanKeen Johnson 2622-2222
African/African-American Studies Program
Dr. Salome Nnoromele, DirectorKeith 125622-1299
Evelyn Jones, Senior Office AssociateKeith 125622-1299
Women & Gender Studies Program
TBA, DirectorPowell 100622-2913
Appalachian Studies Program
Dr. Alan Banks, DirectorMartin House622-3065
Honors Program
Dr. Linda Frost, DirectorCase Annex 168622-1403
Office of Graduate Education & Research
Dr. Gerald Pogatshnik, AVP-Research, Dean-Grad. SchoolSSB 314622-1742
Dr. Jaleh Rezaie, Associate DeanSSB 312622-1742
Tina Jeffery, Administrative SpecialistSSB 311A622-1745

For Grad. School admission questions,
call according to area:

College of Education [Robin Sparks]SSB 370622-2316
Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Justice & Safety [Sandy Willis]SSB 370622-8471
Colleges of Health Sciences and Business & Technology [Carrie Ernst]SSB 370622-1743

Other numbers:

Graduate Assistantships622-1744
Division of Continuing Education & Outreach
Dr. Charles Hickox, DeanPerkins 207622-6605
Mr. Rich Boyle, Associate DeanPerkins 200622-1224
Distance Education Programs
Mr. William St. Pierre, DirectorPerkins 206622-8342
Michelle Minter, CoordinatorPerkins 204622-2003
 (ITV and KYVU courses)
Student Services
Beverly Burrus, Senior CoordinatorPerkins 207622-8367

Student/Client Support Services

Nancy Neeley, CoordinatorPerkins 207622-2329
Anne Jones, CoordinatorPerkins 207622-2001
 (KET and Correspondence courses)
Regional Campuses & Centers
Corbin Campus859-622-6640
 Sandra Stevens, Director606-528-0551
Danville Campus859-622-6636
 Lucinda Peck, Director859-236-6866
Ft. Knox Center, Building 63502-942-8628
 Brenda Fegler, Area Coordinator
Hazard Center606-439-3544
 Jeannie Trumbo, Area Coordinator
Lancaster Center622-2903
 Sherry Taubert, Managerext: 3718
Manchester Campus859-622-6644
 Terry Gray, Director606-598-8122
Somerset Center606-679-8501
 Terri Reynolds, Area Coordinatorext: 3718
Offices Serving Student Needs
Academic AdvisingSSB 347622-2276
 (Major/Minor Changes, Degree Works Reports,
  General Education Requirements)

Academic Testing CenterSSB 340622-1281
 (ACT, SAT, UWR, MAT, Placement Testing,
  Credit by Exam)

 (PRAXIS: see Teacher Admission & Certification)

AdmissionsSSB 112622-2106

Billings & Collections

 (see Student Accounting Services)

EKU BookstoreKeen Johnson, lower level622-2696

Career ServicesSSB 465622-1568

Computer Services
 Computer Help Desk622-3000
 ResNetCombs 230622-3050
 Computer Tech Support Line622-3000

Computer StoreSSB 158622-8408

Co-op Education OfficeSSB 445622-1296

Dean of Students OfficeSSB 534622-2642

Counseling CenterSSB 571622-1303

Developmental Education OfficeSSB 324622-2306

Dining Services
 Meal Plan InformationColonel One Card Off.622-2179
 Catering ServicesPowell 18622-2512
 Food CourtPowell622-2180
 Blimpie/C-StoreMartin Hall622-2186
 Library CafeCrabbe Library622-6475

Disabilities OfficeSSB 361622-1500

Diversity OfficeSSB 442622-6587

 Student Employment OfficeSSB 219622-1760
 Part-Time Off Campus EmploymentSSB 465622-1568

Financial Assistance OfficeSSB 251622-2361
 Scholarship OfficeSSB 346622-8032
 Veteran AffairsSSB 253622-2345

First Year ProgramsSSB 372622-1682

Housing & Residence LifeSSB 552622-1515

Information Tech. & Delivery Services - ITDS
 Academic Support622-1294
 Computer Resources622-1986
 Information Systems622-8101
 Mail Services622-1905
 Networking & Tech Support622-3000
 Printing Services622-1490

International EducationCase Annex 181622-1478
 (Study Abroad Program Information)

LibraryCrabbe Library622-1790
 Main Library HoursCrabbe Library622-1906
 Circulation/ReservesMain Floor622-1790
 Government Documents3rd Floor622-1791
 Interlibrary LoanMain Floor622-1415
 Law Library3rd Floor622-1793
 TTY Capability622-6594
 Learning Resource Center3rd Floor622-1794
 Periodicals1st Floor622-1796
 University Archives622-1792
 Justice & Safety LibraryStratton, 3rd Floor622-1798
 Music LibraryFoster, 1st Floor622-1795

Mediation CenterSSB 519622-1320

Multicultural Student AffairsSSB 530622-4373

Perkins Loans
 (see Student Accounting Services)

Public SafetyMattox Building622-2821

RecreationSRC 105622-1244
 Burke Wellness CenterWeaver 102622-1694
 Club Sports622-3855
 Arlington Golf Course622-2207
 Greg Adams Tennis Center622-2144
 Alumni Coliseum/Weaver Pool622-2137
 Fitness & Wellness Center622-6751

Registrar's OfficeSSB 239622-3876
 Commencement Ceremony & Diplomas622-1096
 Student EKU ID Numbers622-3876

Residential Networking RESNETCombs 230622-3050
 (Computer Related Problems, Internet Connection,
   Free Computer Service, Student E-mail)

Scholarship OfficeSSB 346622-8032

Student Accounting ServicesSSB 210622-1232
 Perkins Loan OfficeSSB 216622-2415

Student Government
 Student Government Association (SGA)Powell 132622-1724
 Residence Life CouncilPowell 152622-1724

Student Health ServicesRowlett Building622-1761
 (Information & Appointments)

Student Life OfficePowell 128622-3855
 (Facility Reservations, Greek Organizations,
  Colonel One Card, Student Organizations,
  Chapel of Meditation, & Leadership Development)

Teacher Admission & Certification
 Admission to Teacher EducationCombs 423622-1832
 CertificationCombs 425622-1829
 PRAXIS InformationCombs 423622-1828

Transfer CenterSSB 442622-7686