Registration Errors - Eastern Kentucky University

What to do when you get Registration Errors

  • An override for a section does NOT automatically register you into that section. An override only gives you permission to register. After you have been given an override you must go online and add the class. It is possible that you may need more than one override. You will need a specific and separate override for each registration error.
  • Request an override BY NAME: Read any Registration Error Message carefully, look under STATUS. This will tell you which specific override you require.
(See "STATUS")
Closed Section Section is full - no seats available Choose a different section. OR It is possible to ask the department chair for a Capacity Override. However, the chair may say "no".
Class Restriction Course is restricted to specific students based on the number of earned hours as of the last semester completed at EKU. See Degree Works audit report for the number of hours you have completed. Select a different course. OR You may request a Class Restriction Override through the dean's office of the college offering the class.
Closed Section X This section is cross-listed with another section and both sections meet in the same room. That room is now FULL. Choose a different section. OR It is possible to ask the department chair for a Capacity Override. However, the chair may say "no".
Section Not Available  For Web Add/Drop The section has been cancelled. The department is no longer offering this specific section. Choose a different section.
Course Status Dates Not Within Range For Part Of   Term That registration activity is no longer available at this time. It is too late to add this course to your schedule. It is possible to add a course late but this requires a completed Late Add Form including instructor, department chair, and dean's signature.
CORQ_Subject Course Number Req
(ex:CORQ_ELE 446G REQ)
One or more separate courses may be required to be taken at the same time. These courses are called co-requisites. (See course description in catalog.) Register for all classes by submitting the CRN's for all sections simultaneously. OR You may request a Co-Req Override from the Department Chair.
Level Restriction Course is restricted to a specific level (Graduate or Undergraduate) Undergraduate students wishing to enroll in graduate courses need special permission from the Graduate School Office. Permission is granted in the form of a Level Restriction Override.
Link Error A1 Required
(or A2, or B1 or B2 etc...)
This course requires the simultaneous registration in a lecture and laboratory section. You have tried to register in a lecture or lab section without the corresponding lab or lecture section. Register for both the lecture and one of the linked labs. The labs are listed directly underneath the lecture classes and have 0 credit hours. Submit the CRN for the lecture and linked lab at the same time.
Major Restriction Class is restricted to specific majors. Special permission and a Major Restriction Override must be obtained from the department chair.
Maximum Hours Exceeded Registration exceeds the maximum number of hours permitted for that student for that term Permission to take more than the allotted hours must be obtained from the dean of the student's major.
Program Restriction This section is restricted to specific programs. Change your major to that program. OR Contact department and request a Program Restriction Override.
PRE-REQ and/or Test Error Class requires a pre-requisite or a specific test. (See course description in catalog). Pre-requisite and/or a specific test must be completed before you are allowed to register. OR You may request a Pre-Requisite Override from the department chair.
Repeat Limit Exceeds 1 Student has enrolled in the course at least twice before. This message will occur regardless of whether the student has ever completed the course. Student must obtain a Repeat Limit Override from the dean's office for the student's major.
Time Conflict With (CRN XXXXX) The section is conflicting with another section already on the student's schedule. Select a section that meets at a different time. OR Student may request a Time Conflicts Override from the department chair.

Having registration problems/questions?
Call or come visit the REGISTRATION EXPERTS, our office exists just to help you!
Office of the Registrar, Student Services Building (SSB), Room 239, 859-622-2320