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Registration Processes & Helpful Hints

The information below is not a substitute source of those university policies that govern EKU students. All students are held to university policies and procedures specified in their University catalog. The Undergraduate Catalog may be found online at For registration help call the registration experts at 859-622-2320.

Adding & Dropping Courses Pass/Fail Grade Mode
Audit A Course Pre-Requisite Drops
Business Courses Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)
Cancelled Courses Registration Errors
Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Course Work   Registration Process
Cooperative Education Repeating Courses
Developmental Courses Status
Dropped Courses vs. Withdrawn Courses Student Load
Enrollment Verification Student Teaching
500 Level Courses Withdrawing From A Class Or From The University
Graduate Students Voter Registration Form
Late Registraton Fee  



Official verification that a student is “Registered” “Dropped” or “Withdrawn” from a class is found only on the ADD/DROP page of the EKU Student Web (EKUDIRECT/Student Services/Registration/ADD/DROP) listed under STATUS.


Any course taken as audit will not count as progress toward any EKU degree. Students are charged standard tuition and fees for audited courses. Not all courses are approved for audit. If you wish to audit a course, you must first request an Audit Form from the Office of the Registrar (SSB 239) or extended campus centers. This office will first verify that the desired course is approved for audit. The student returns the completed form to the Registrar's office. See the calendar and dates table for the deadline for requesting to audit a class.


Students who enroll in upper-division Business courses and who do not meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in the university catalog are subject to having their enrollments in such courses canceled by action of the Associate Dean of the College, without notice, at any time during the term. All students wishing to enroll in a 300 or 400 level Business course should first refer to the university catalog for College of Business and Technology course policies.


Courses may be cancelled before the semester begins and students will then be administratively dropped from the course. This enrollment change will be reflected on the Add/Drop page by credit hours becoming "0.0", and there will be a message in the "Status" column. Course cancellations are the sole decision of the academic department offering the course and any and all questions about the course cancellation should be directed to the department chair. Students enrolled in classes that are cancelled will be contacted by the department office staff or mailed a letter by the Office of the Registrar. Students should recheck their registration (Add/Drop page online) often to verify that they have not been dropped from any classes! Do not assume that once you register nothing will change! Read further for a description of "Pre-Requisite Drop".


Any undergraduate student wishing to take graduate classes must comply with policies presented in the Graduate Catalog. Undergraduates must be within nine semester hours of completing their baccalaureate degree and must obtain appropriate forms and permission from the Graduate School, Jones 414. However, Undergraduate honors admission to Graduate School allows students who meet certain requirements to begin graduate studies while completing undergraduate degrees. EKU undergraduates within 30 hours of meeting all baccalaureate degree requirements and who have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 may contact the Graduate School, Jones 414 (859-622-1742), or see the Graduate Catalog for details.


Students enrolling in Cooperative Education courses must see their advisor and the college faculty co-op coordinator to ensure compliance with college policies. A student cannot register online for Co-op sections; students must obtain formal approval from the Office of Cooperative Education, SSB 455. The Co-op Office then arranges for the student to be registered into the appropriate course section.


(see the Developmental Education website for more information)

If you fail the developmental course in which you are currently enrolled, IMMEDIATELY add that course to your next semester's schedule!

Warning Regarding Developmental Courses - If you are required to take a developmental course (a course with a zero at the beginning of the course number, such as 090 or 095), you must successfully complete the course within two consecutive terms of university enrollment or you will be dismissed from the University. Sign up NOW for any course(s) you may need (090 has an 095 follow-up)!


Courses "dropped" during the Add/Drop period will not appear on your academic record (transcript). If you drop a course after that date, you are considered to have "withdrawn" from the course and it will appear on your academic record with a notation of "W". The "W" will NOT be calculated into your grade point average (GPA). The midpoint date for full and partial semester classes also appears on the "Full & Partial Semester Term Dates" table of the Colonel's Compass. The midpoint of a partial-semester class should also appear on the course syllabus, if the date on the course syllabus does not agree with the date found in the Colonel's Compass the student should bring this discrepancy to the teacher's attention. Students are held to the dates published in the Colonel's Compass.


The National Student Clearinghouse (NSCL) is the official agent for all Enrollment Verifications such as those needed for health insurance and loan deferments. ALL Enrollment Verifications are obtained free of charge from the National Student Clearinghouse.

How to generate your free EKU Enrollment Verification.

  1. Log on to your Student Web account (, click on EKUDirect)
  2. Click on Student Services & Financial Aid.
  3. Scroll down until you see National Student Clearinghouse.
  4. Click on National Student Clearinghouse.
  5. Fill in required information and click Login.
  6. Click on Obtain an Enrollment Certificate.
  7. Wait patiently. The certificate will appear.
  8. Print your official enrollment certificate.
  9. Mail or deliver it to whoever requires verification of your enrollment at EKU!
Note: Your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to produce your verification. Use Internet Explorer as your browser, Netscape does not work correctly.

Exceptions to using National Student Clearinghouse:

  • Good Student Discounts – for this you need to print an official EKU Grade Report from the Student Web( EKUDIRECT/Student Records/Printable Official Grade Report). Submit this Grade Report as proof that you qualify for the Good Student Discount.
  • Statements of Good Standing (needed when taking courses at another institution; students obtain these from the EKU Registrar's Office, SSB 239. You may download the request form from the Registrar's web page,
  500 LEVEL COURSES (top)

500-level courses are intended for seniors. In special circumstances students who will have attained junior status (60-89 hours) by the start of the term may be permitted to enroll in 500-level courses with the approval of the dean of the college offering the course. Students without this permission are not to be admitted to 500-level courses and will be disenrolled by the Office of the Registrar if such enrollments occur.


Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for complete details of all policies governing graduate students. You may also wish to go to the Graduate School web page,


A non-refundable $50 late registration fee is in effect beginning the first day of classes. This fee is applied only if the student begins with 0.0 credit hours on the first day of classes and then enrolls for the first time during that day or after.


If a course is approved to be taught in the Pass/Fail grade mode then a student with 30 earned credit hours plus a minimum GPA of 2.0 may elect to receive a "P" or "F" instead of a standard letter grade. Only free elective courses may be taken as Pass/Fail. The Office of the Registrar will verify whether a course is approved for Pass/Fail. To change to the Pass/Fail grade mode a student must obtain the appropriate form from the Office of the Registrar, SSB 239 or an extended campus center. There is a deadline to being able to elect the Pass/Fail grade mode. See the calendar or table of important dates in the Colonel's Compass for the appropriate deadline.

The Office of the Registrar verifies that each student registered for a course has successfully completed the pre-requisite for that course. Not all courses have pre-requisites. A grade of "I", "W", "F", "U", "FN", "UN", or "NR" does not indicate successful completion and will cause the Registrar's Office to administratively drop the student out of any course requiring that prerequisite. This is called a "Prerequisite Drop".


Students enrolled in a Health Sciences fieldwork course, Special Education, and EMC students working in a clinical setting are required to purchase professional liability insurance through Eastern Kentucky University.

You may register for PLI in the same manner as registering for other classes. See the PLI section of the Schedule of Classes to find the appropriate PLI section number. Read the comment to verify that you are enrolling in the correct section for your course. This will generate the fee as part of your tuition/fees for the semester. Not registering and not paying the fee for PLI will result in disenrollment from the clinical/fieldwork course(s).


Please refer to the menu links on the Colonel's Compass homepage. That registration errors link will take you to a page designed to help students with error messages they may receive from the online registration system.


Students register (add, drop, or withdraw from classes) using the online registration system, the EKU Student Web account (click on EKUDirect on the EKU homepage). EKU staff is available to assist students with this system at the following locations: main campus – in the Registrar's Office –SSB 239, or the Corbin, Danville, or Manchester Centers. Registration questions should be directed to 859-622-2320. Once registered, you may make a change to your schedule at any time while such transactions are permitted (note dates on calendar). The online system will not allow changes once the deadline has passed. You may add full semester classes to your schedule through the first week of class. After that date, you may only add classes that have not yet begun. See “Full & Partial Semester Term Dates,” in the Colonel's Compass for Add/Drop dates for partial semester classes.


Students may repeat a course in an attempt to better their grade. The grade earned in the last taking will replace (in the GPA calculation) the grade earned earlier. Any student attempting to enroll in a course for the third time will receive the "Repeat Limit" registration error. Registration will be prevented regardless of whether the student has completed the course previously or simply withdrawn. A student may enroll in the same course for a third or subsequent time only under unusual circumstances and with their college dean's permission in the form of a Repeat Limit Override entered into the EKU computerized registration system. This override is requested only through the office of the dean of the student's major. An override is just permission to register. Once the override is entered, the student must then still go online and register for the course. The Registrar's Office monitors student course registrations and will administratively cancel the registration before or during the term, or remove credit after completion of the term, of any student improperly repeating a class.

  STATUS (top)

Verify your 'Status' on the ADD/DROP page of the online registration system. Check this often as the Registrar's Office may administratively drop or withdraw a student before or during a term for reasons such as course cancellation (decision of academic department offering the course), the student's failure to fulfill a course prerequisite, or in rare cases a violation of university policy (see university catalog).


Fall and Spring Terms

  • Undergraduate – A full-time undergraduate student during Fall or Spring terms enrolls in 12 or more credit hours. A student with superior academic records may petition the dean of their major for permission to take in excess of 18 credit hours, but never more than 21 credit hours.
  • Graduate – A full-time graduate student during Fall or Spring terms enrolls in 9 or more credit hours. A maximum academic load of 15 hours is considered permissible for exceptional graduate students, with dean's permission.

Summer Term

  • Undergraduate – A full-time undergraduate Summer student is enrolled in 10-12 credit hours. Half-time status is 5 credit hours during the Summer term.
  • Graduate – A full-time graduate Summer student is enrolled in 6-12 credit hours. Half-time status is at least 3 credit hours. Students are encouraged to not take more than one short term course at a time.

Students who participate in supervised student teaching will be approved and registered separately for the appropriate student-teaching course sections. The details of this process will be explained to students when they see the Director of Professional Laboratory Experience (Combs 425) during the normal advising period.


For directions on how to withdraw go to the Registrar's web page at, scroll the buttons on the right side.


Instructions for printing and completing the voter registration card can be found on the Internet at