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Weather Information

EKU categorizes weather events by severity; a partial or full campus closure may occur during a severe weather event. Unless otherwise specified, regional campuses and Model Laboratory School will also operate within the parameters of this plan.

The following is a description of the various plans:

Normal Operations

Even though a severe weather event has occurred, steps have been taken to mitigate barriers to normal class schedules and University operations. Conditions are determined safe to proceed as normal.

Plan A: Two-hour class and operational delay

Given existing weather conditions or forecasted high probability of a severe weather event, classes will be delayed until 10 a.m. 
Normal class periods for Monday, Wednesday and Friday allow for a 50 minute class period and a 15 minute break. Class periods for snow days are 40 minutes with a 10 minute break.
Normal class periods for Tuesday and Thursday allow for a 75 minute class period and a 15 minute break. Class periods for snow days are 60 minutes with a 10 minute break.

For Regional Campuses, please refer to the Regional Campus Inclement Weather Plan.

Plan B: Class cancellation and suspension of all non-essential University operations

Due to severe weather conditions that may threaten human safety on campus, all classes are cancelled, and non-essential University operations are suspended.
Employees should follow procedures established with department/office supervisors for weather conditions that require their presence at work.  All other employees should not report to work.

General Information about Severe Weather

The Communications & Brand Management Office will notify the campus community in a timely manner of any delay or suspension of University operations during a severe weather event or other emergency. The Communications & Brand Management Office will utilize the following channels to distribute information and communicate with students, faculty, and staff:
  • Rave alerts
  • Media notification – Television, radio, etc.
  • Website homepage banner (
  • Social media graphics and posts
  • Campus weather line 859-622-BADW (2239)
The communications team will push all weather-related information to as it becomes available.

Model Laboratory School

Closing of the Model School due to weather will be communicated through the aforementioned channels. This information will also be disseminated via Model's SchoolPointe system using phone numbers on file.

Weather-related Links

Common Sense Matters

When faced with a severe weather event, regardless of an official University announcement, the determination of safe travel or other unforeseen situations rests with the individual. Weather in Richmond may be different from weather in another area of the state; employees should coordinate with their supervisors to determine work attendance due to weather-related circumstances. For students, please coordinate with your professors to develop solutions for missed classes or work.