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Samuel Lewis

Samuel Lewis is the Host of Service to Service, "the show that helps you understand veterans one story at a time." In 2010, Sam founded The Samcast Network and honed his skills with a hit podcast about the television show Doctor Who. He continued his creative journey alongside family and friends, hosting more shows and creating more content than he could have ever imagined. These days, Sam lends his talents to the Kentucky Center for Veterans Studies. Each episode of Service to Service explores military and veteran cultures, highlights service and research taking place on behalf of the veteran community, or tells a story of a single veteran who does not fit into the traditional mold. Learn about veterans, but also humanity, courage, and resilience.

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Episode 17: Dan Bowersox

On this episode, Sam sits down with Dr. Dan Bowersox, a neuro-optometrist who specializes in post-traumatic vision syndrome. They discuss how personal experiences led to a career helping others, a patient who inspired him to do more for the veteran community, and the program offered through his practice that helps veterans who suffer from the rare condition.

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Episode 17: Ashley Casto

Dr. Ashley Casto is a PTSD Clinical Team (PCT) program manager and a mentor at the National Center for PTSD. Sam talks to her about why she got into the field of psychology, how her study of trauma lead her to the VA, how PCT programs help veterans with PTSD, as well as common stereotypes surrounding the condition. Dr. Casto also shares some fascinating insights about triggers and how their depictions in media differ from reality.

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Crisis Hotline1-800-273-8255, press 1 for Veterans

Website: National Center for PTSD

Episode 16: Jennifer Dane

Sam is joined by Jennifer Dane, President & CEO of Modern Military Association of America (MMAA), the largest non-profit organization dedicated to advancing fairness and equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) veteran community. They discuss how Jennifer’s service during the “don’t ask, don’t tell” era helped inspire the founding of MMAA, its legal, scholarship, competency training, and community offerings, as well as ways average civilians can provide support for LGBTQ+ servicemembers, military spouses, veterans, family members, survivors, and caregivers.

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Book Suggestion: Mission Possible

Episode 15: Mariana Grohowski

On this episode, Sam interviews Dr. Mariana Grohowski, founder of the Journal of Veterans Studies. They discuss her beginning in academia, the field of Veterans Studies, the establishment of its preeminent scholarly publication, as well as the decision to not put its contents behind a paywall. Listen and learn more about academic publishing as well as how to have conversations with veterans.

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Research: Journal of Veterans Studies

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Episode 14: Cat Trombley

Cat Trombley has over 20 years of experience in communications, media relations, outreach, and marketing. Currently, she serves as Public Affairs Officer at the Lexington, KY VAMC. Sam sits down with Cat to discuss her career and service in the United States Air Force. They also talk about public perceptions of the VA, veteran humor, and best practices for communicating with veterans in different social settings.

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Episode 13: Moe Armstrong

Moe Armstrong is a veteran of the Vietnam War and founder of the nationally recognized Vet to Vet peer support program. Join Sam and hear the story of a remarkable life journey. They discuss Moe’s time in the military, homecoming, and service to the veteran community. You will learn of adventures and hear tales of resilience as Moe recounts his battles against cancer and Agent Orange. Mr. Armstrong is the consummate storyteller. There’s even a musical performance!

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Episode 12: Travis Martin

On this episode, Sam celebrates one year hosting the show with special guest and founder of the Kentucky Center for Veterans Studies, Dr. Travis Martin. They discuss his path from military service to academia, founding KCVS, and what he sees in store for the future of the field.

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Episode 11: Daniel Roberts

Dr. Daniel Roberts, the Chief Religious Affairs NCO at the US Army Reserve Command, visits Service to Service to discuss his role in the Chaplain Corps, his transition from an infantryman to a soldier who provides spiritual support, as well as his views on the concept of moral injury. Sam and Dr. Roberts discuss healing moral and spiritual wounds, the creation of the non-profit Moral Injury Support for Women, as well as other programs leading the way in the field.

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Episode 10: Scott Parrott

Sam sits down with Dr. Scott Parrott, head of the University of Alabama’s Veterans and Media Lab. His research examines portrayals of veterans in the media and how they shape outside perceptions of topics such as veteran mental health. Sam and Dr. Parrott discuss things that media and pop culture commonly get wrong, how inaccurate portrayals of veterans influence society, and how past and future research conducted through the Veterans and Media Lab can help us think about these issues in new ways.

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Episode 9: Jason Moon

On this episode, Sam is joined by Jason Moon of the Warrior Songs Project. They discuss his work helping veterans from different backgrounds tell their stories through music. The history and mission of Warrior Songs is discussed along with Jason’s plans for future projects. It is a story that begins with a documentary interview, continues to include the emergence of a vibrant community of veteran musicians, and one that will soon result in an 11 volume, 160-song collection of stories from veterans and those connected to veterans.

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Episode 8: Drew Cameron

Drew Cameron is an Iraq War veteran and founder of Combat Paper, a nationally-recognized papermaking workshop that teaches veterans how to turn uniforms and the memories of service that accompany them into art. On this episode, Sam and Drew discuss the ancient art of papermaking, how Combat Paper got started, and Drew’s ongoing work to serve veterans and their families through the arts.

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Episode 7: BriGette McCoy

On this episode, Sam sits down with special guest and quintessential example of post-traumatic growth, BriGette McCoy. She discusses her military career and life after service as a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma (MST). As founder of the Women Veteran Social Justice network, she is nationally recognized as an advocate for women veterans and veterans of color. She has testified in front of Congress, been featured on major news outlets, and is regularly invited as a speaker at institutions and events around the country. Join Sam and BriGette for a discussion of her life, career, and theories about veteran culture.  

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Episode 6: Aaron Knowles

Aaron Knowles began his Army career as a transportation soldier and later transitioned into Public Affairs. He and Sam discuss his current duties as a senior non-commissioned officer, but also the creativity and passion for “nerd culture” that has stretched across his nearly two decades of service. Aaron tells the story of a military friendship that led to the creation of The Oblivion Bar podcast. He talks about being a Twitch streamer, cosplaying, and his love photography. He and Sam conclude with a discussion about how creative expression serves as a therapeutic outlet and improves mental health.

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Episode 5: Elizabeth Barrs

On this episode, Sam sits down with Lt. Col. (Ret.) Elizabeth Barrs, a former Army intelligence officer who served tours in Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the White House Situation Room. She has taught Veterans Studies at EKU since 2013, and her leadership inside and outside the classroom helped EKU Online spread Veterans Studies across the globe. Liz and Sam compare academic and military institutions. Liz discusses her views on the emerging field of Veterans Studies, her perspective about how our program has grown since its inception, and how her military career influences her teaching.

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Learn More: Take VTS 200 with Prof. Barrs

Episode 4: Jason Poudrier

Jason Poudrier is an Iraq War veteran, accomplished poet, and Pat Tillman Scholar. He and Sam discuss the influence of wartime service on his writing and the connection between resilience and creative expression. Jason currently leads creative writing workshops for veterans and is building a network to amplify the voices of all those impacted by war. 

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Book: Red Fields

Episode 3: Suzanne S. Rancourt

Sam meets Suzanne S. Rancourt, a veteran of both the U.S. Army and the Marine Corps. A multi-modal Expressive Arts Therapist, Rancourt explains the concept of "broken time" and methods she uses in her practice, distinguishing between multi-modal and other forms of arts therapies. She is a member of the Abenaki/Huron tribes and the author of three books of poetry: Billboard in the Clouds, murmurs at the gate, and Old Stones, New Roads. Her short works of poetry, non-fiction, and fiction have appeared in dozens of publications.

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Suzanne's Recommended Reading: Thomas D. Osborn's Combat Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Holistic Approach (2012) and Heuristic Research: Design, Methodolgiy, and Applications (1990) by Clark Moustakes.

Episode 2: Tif Holmes

On this episode Sam is joined by Tif Holmes, a professional photographer and former member of the esteemed U.S. Army Reserve Band. Though classically trained, a traumatic experience forced Tif to shift from music to visual art. She discusses that transformation, her healing journey, and how she uses art professionally, therapeutically, and in service to the veteran community. 

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Episode 1: Roman Baca

It's the first episode! Sam talks to Roman Baca, a USMC veteran and founder of the Exit 12 Dance Company. Exit 12 incorporates military themes, stories, and movements to explore veterans' experiences and translate them into art for audiences around the world. And for many who take part, the performance itself is therapeutic. You will learn about Roman's service, how it inspired him to start Exit 12, and his ongoing work in the United Kingdom with the Soldiers Arts Academy.

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Documentary: Exit 12: Moved by War

Learn More:  Artist Website

Episode 0 - Explaining the Show

On this episode, Sam introduces himself, explains the goals of the podcast, and provides a little background and information about future shows. Transcript

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