Appalachian Social Justice Project Funding Available

A project at Eastern Kentucky University honors the memory of a former EKU professor by seeking to promote and enhance economic and social justice in Appalachia.

The Welch Appalachian Social Justice Project was made possible by money bequeathed to the University by the estate of Rob Welch, a Fulbright Scholar who taught social work courses at Eastern from 1979 until his death in 2006. The project involves:

·         original scholarly research by EKU faculty/student or alumni teams with a focus on social and economic justice in Appalachia.

·         a series of at least five lectures over the course of five years by local and regional experts.

·         a book to be collaboratively edited by Social Work, Anthropology and Sociology professors to capture the multidisciplinary nature of social justice work.

“This is an exciting opportunity for faculty, alumni and students to get involved in hands-on research,” said Dr. Caroline Reid, associate professor of social work at EKU, who is coordinating the project.  Faculty/student teams will receive up to $1,000 to conduct their research. 

The Welch Appalachian Economic and Social Justice Committee invites proposals to conduct scholarly research or service projects (with a research focus) related to economic and social justice in Appalachia. Through this research, alumni, faculty and students will have an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to help individuals and communities arrive at solutions to economic and social injustices at all societal levels. Proposals should raise awareness of political, environmental, cultural, economic, and social justice in Appalachia. All faculty, students, and alumni from EKU are eligible. Alumni and students must collaborate with a current faculty member in one of these disciplines.

Two applications will be funded this fall. Each funded proposal will culminate in a scholarly manuscript that will form the basis for a book chapter on Social Justice in Appalachia.  Alumni, faculty or faculty/student research teams will have one year to complete their research and submit a final manuscript to the Committee.  Alumni, faculty or faculty/student Collaborative teams who apply for and receive funding will be expected to showcase their research at the annual Welch Appalachian Economic and Social Justice Lecture Series.

The application deadline is Oct. 30, 2013. For selection criteria, a detailed timeline and additional information, visit

Published on August 22, 2013

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