Aviation Program Partners with Institute for Aerospace Education

Eastern Kentucky University has partnered with The Institute for Aerospace Education(IAE), a premier consortium of high schools in Kentucky and bordering states that offer students seven different aerospace courses of studies.

From Murray to Middlesboro, the IAE program provides students courses in aircraft maintenance, aeronautical engineering, space systems engineering, flight/aeronautics, air traffic control, aviation management/operations, and aerospace computer engineering.

Through an articulation agreement with all IAE’s partner high schools, EKU extends nine university credits to its flight school graduates if they choose EKU. These credits include AVN 192-Private Pilot (ground), the AVN 192A and 193A-Private Pilot flight labs, and AVN 150-Introduction to Aviation.

EKU, which boasts the only university-based aviation program in Kentucky, is “working hard to make sure that all IAE high school students complete their aviation education and earn the remainder of their FAA certifications at EKU,” said Ralph Gibbs, director of the EKU Aviation Program. “As IAE grows, creating even more aviation feeder schools in the state, EKU Aviation will grow exponentially.”

Eastern’s Aviation Program recently became one of the first universities in the nation authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to designate graduates as candidates for the 1,000-hour restricted Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, thereby saving students valuable time and money.

“At EKU Aviation,” Gibbs declared, “we like to say that we schedule our students for success and we prepare them two ways to be job ready on day one after graduation.”

For more information about the program, visit aviation.eku.edu.

Published on August 30, 2013

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