Cafe Burrier Full-Service Restaurant Begins Serving Meals

Place Setting on White Tablecloth

Café Burrier, a four-course white tablecloth restaurant operated by Eastern Kentucky University dietetic students, opened Sept. 13.

The full-service restaurant, located on campus in the Burrier Building, allows students to gain experience in all facets of restaurant management, from food preparation to processing regulations, while providing midday meals two days a week throughout the fall semester for up to 40 guests.

Café Burrier is open Tuesdays and Thursdays, from noon to 1 p.m.

All the menus for the Fall 2011 semester have been set and will include a salad or appetizer, entrée, vegetable and dessert, with water, iced tea or coffee. Meals will feature entrees such as ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken breast, shrimp and vegetable kabobs, and boneless pork chops stuffed with sundried tomatoes; salads ranging from fresh fruit to baby spinach; and desserts like pumpkin roll with cream cheese frosting and brownie pudding with vanilla ice cream.

Three dates will include a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian entrée and a vegetarian option is available for all meals (the meat entrée will be omitted and the size of the salad and vegetable servings will be increased).

“The menus are varied from day to day to allow the students to gain experience with different foods,” said Dr. Jim Haynes, EKU nutrition professor who teaches the food service courses.

The restaurant, which overlooks Irvine McDowell Park, is managed and operated by students enrolled in EKU’s baccalaureate dietetic program. Students have the opportunity to serve as managers and chefs, among other positions, and experience every facet of the food service business: procurement, preparation, service, cleaning and management.

Reservations are required for Café Burrier; the cost of the meal is $10 and payment is at the door by debit or credit card only.

The restaurant is an outgrowth of the University’s state-of-the-art commercial foods laboratory that opened last fall with equipment including ranges with salamanders, ovens, steam jacketed kettle, oven steamer, tilt braising pan, charbroil grill, convection oven, and slow roaster, along with refrigeration and dish-washing equipment.

“The new lab gives our students hands-on experience with the type of food service equipment they’ll see when they get out in the field,” Haynes said. “They’ll learn how to maintain and care for it and learn the impact that equipment can have on productivity and efficiency.”

Haynes, who joined EKU 10 years ago, is a 30-year veteran of food service management, having served as director of food services at Wofford College and Arkansas State University.

The restaurant’s website ( features the menus for the entire semester and enables patrons to make reservations online.

Published on August 26, 2011

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