College of Education Honored by International Alliance for Invitational Education

Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Education has received a 2012 Inviting School Award from the International Alliance for Invitational Education.

A letter from Edward Gwazdauskas, chair of the Inviting School Award Committee, commended the College for an “outstanding learning climate produced for students, parents, staff and community. The knowledge of invitational education and implementation of IE learning have made the school a better place for all stakeholders. Each of the five P’s (places, people, programs, policies and processes) have been addressed and improved through comprehensive efforts.”

Dr. Jack Herlihy, stewardship program coordinator in EKU’s College of Education, said invitational education, as a theory of practice, “maintains that every person and everything in and around schools and other organizations adds to, or subtracts from, the process of being a beneficial presence in the lives of human beings. Ideally, the factors of people, places, policies, programs and processes should be so intentionally inviting as to create a world in which each individual is cordially summoned to develop intellectually, socially, physically, psychologically, and spiritually.”

Herlihy noted that EKU’s College of Education has initiated numerous international school exchanges, leading to sister-school relationships. Also, College representatives have visited schools internationally, the College hosted the 2011 IAIE World Conference, and Model Laboratory School has participated the past three years in international exchanges.

The International Alliance for Invitational Education is dedicated to democratic principles, its mission is to enhance lifelong learning, promote positive change in organizations, cultivate the personal and professional growth and satisfaction of educators and allied professionals, and enrich the lives of human beings personally and professionally.

“Since we are educating future teachers, they will take IAIE principles out into our service region, which will better the lives of folks in the communities,” Herlihy said. “IAIE benefits the service region by allowing students in schools to connect internationally. This opportunity lowers the mountains, so students and communities can see globally.”

The award will be presented at the 2012 IAIE World Conference in Hong Kong.

Published on July 16, 2012

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