EKU, Alice Lloyd Announce Partnership to Prepare More Nurses

Administrators at Eastern Kentucky University and Alice Lloyd College have announced a new partnership that will send 10 well-qualified Alice Lloyd students to EKU to study in its highly competitive baccalaureate nursing program.

In this intensive program of study, Alice Lloyd students will earn both a degree in pre-nursing from the College and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Eastern.

“We are very excited to partner with Alice Lloyd College for this dual degree,” said Dr. Deborah Whitehouse, dean of EKU’s College of Health Sciences. “The EKU 21-month specially sequenced baccalaureate nursing program is ideal for this partnership. The agreement allots a certain number of program seats to Alice Lloyd students who meet our requirements. Alice Lloyd will continue to support these students as they complete their degree.”

The program will allow students to complete the general portion of their four-year degree at Alice Lloyd before transferring to Eastern to complete the nursing portion of their program. Earlier this year, Alice Lloyd reached a similar agreement with the University of Kentucky College of Nursing, which guarantees admission to two qualified Alice Lloyd pre-nursing graduates each fall.

Alice Lloyd College’s decision to launch a pre-nursing program was guided by an increased need for bachelor degree-level nurses in eastern Kentucky. Demographics have indicated a dramatic shift in the rural Appalachian population from a youth-dominated population to an aging population, so the need for healthcare providers in the region – a region from which Alice Lloyd recruits exclusively – is sure to grow.

“I think this is a wonderful opportunity for our students in this area to stay close to home and complete a bachelor-level degree in the field of nursing,” said Dr. Claude Crum, Alice Lloyd’s academic dean and vice president for academic affairs. “We are delighted to partner with Eastern Kentucky University to make this opportunity available to our students.”

Because of the region’s current economic struggles and the continuing decline in demand for central Appalachian coal, Appalachia has seen a significant growth in unemployment. In an effort to retain many of Appalachia’s brightest and best students, the plan devised by Alice Lloyd and Eastern will provide a high-quality education for young people interested in remaining in the region as healthcare professionals.

“We are delighted to begin welcoming these talented students from Alice Lloyd and our service region onto our campus,” Whitehouse said. “Together, Alice Lloyd and EKU can offer a stellar education for these promising Appalachian students. Once this program is launched, we hope to further explore Alice Lloyd’s interest in other EKU professional programs that might lead to additional dual degrees or graduate health degrees within our Health Sciences college.”

Published on August 27, 2013

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