EKU, Central Bank Partner to Establish Learning for Life Teaching Award

Central Bank and the Eastern Kentucky University Center for Economic Education have announced the establishment of the Central Bank Learning for Life Teaching Award for elementary teachers in Madison County.

Central Bank established the award to stimulate and recognize development and advancement in teaching decision making and problem solving with applications to personal finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. Recognizing that economic knowledge and financial literacy are core skills for college and career readiness, the award honors teaching in this area that engages young students in learning to make real-world connections that can have a lifelong impact.

During Spring 2015, Central Bank will honor two Madison County elementary teachers with $1,000 each. 

“Central Bank is very proud to partner with Eastern Kentucky University to present the Learning for Life Teaching Award, which will be awarded to two elementary school teachers in Madison County who demonstrate innovative ways to engage students so that they improve their personal financial decision making,” said Central Bank Market President Jeff Fultz. “I have worked previously with Dr. Harter on other financial literacy projects and I’m very impressed with her high-quality ideas and enthusiasm for integrating financial literacy programs into our school curricula. When she approached me with the idea of recognizing and rewarding two of our innovative and hard-working teachers each year to help promote financial literacy, we jumped on the opportunity. 

“Personally, I think financial literacy is one of the most important, and overlooked, skills that our young folks can possess when they become adults,” Fultz continued. “I think everyone should know how to make a personal budget and understand what sound financial decisions are. Think about it: if our general population possessed better financial decision-making skills then they would be much less likely to enter into crazy mortgage loan terms, payday loans, or abuse overdraft privileges, all of which are proven to be unreasonably expensive financial alternatives that often leave folks financially ruined. Dr. Harter and I share a goal to educate our young students so that they will enter the workforce with life skills that will allow them to avoid these types of financial pitfalls.”       

 The award builds on Central Bank’s partnership with the EKU Center for Economic Education to provide incentives, training, and resources for Madison County’s elementary teachers in this content area. The partnership has led to numerous free teacher workshops conducted at the Central Bank’s Richmond location that also included free materials, and Central Bank-funded curriculum for every grade in the district in the 2009-10 “Economics: Math in Real Life” program that improved student knowledge in economics and math.

Dr. Cynthia Harter, director of the EKU Center for Economic Education, said the Central Bank Learning for Life award, which is based on ability to engage students in content that has real-world connections,provides an opportunity to recognize teachers and highlight work they are already doing in teaching young students how to make decisions and solve problems. We are thrilled to work with Central Bank in this endeavor.”

For more information about the eligibility requirements and award application, contact Harter at cynthia.harter@eku.edu.

Published on August 29, 2014

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