EKU to Host Summer Camp for Gifted and Talented Middle School Students

A summer camp at Eastern Kentucky University for gifted and talented students entering grades 6-8 will emphasize the STEM-H disciplines: science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health.

The seventh annual event, titled "Soar to the New Heights," will be conducted June 16-20 at EKU's state-of-the-art New Science Building, on Kat Carson Drive.

The campers will meet from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m daily, engaging in eight courses taught by EKU graduate students (mentored by EKU faculty) and members of the EKU faculty: 

Plague, Disease and Death: Using examples from the past and present, students will explore how disease takes hold, spreads and threatens humanity; learn effective ways to control disease; and create plans to save the world from some of the most sinister foes around: those we can't see.

Did You Hear That: Students will learn how different sounds are developed and how sounds become pitches, and participate in many different activities illustrating how sound waves move and the science involved in sound. 

Being the Best You Can Be: Do you want to be healthy and have fun while doing it? In this class, students will learn how to take care of their bodies by participating in fun fitness routines and learning what foods are best for growing.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigators: Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to solve a crime? Use science- based inquiry to investigate crimes and find physical evidence, be part of the detective team by using the same tools that police officers use to find and lift fingerprints, and become a forensic scientist using the instruments used in crime laboratories to test for drugs and poisons.

Termite Races: Termites will follow a blue line drawn with some brands of pens. Students will investigate this phenomena, be challenged to determine which ink pattern termites follow most quickly, explore and compare parallel lines, thick lines or lines drawn with several brands of pens. 

Deciphering Your Blood: Explore the unique features of red blood cells, called antigens, which determine whether you have A, B, AB, or O blood type,  as well as the DNA sequences, genes, in your genome that determine these blood types. In fact, students will determine their own blood type without a drop of blood, extract their own DNA from their loose cheek cells and perform bench-top research techniques to analyze DNA.  The course will aid students in planning their futures by examining various careers in the healthcare fields.

Fun with Physics: Students will be involved in a variety of activities to demonstrate how physics is used in the world today. Newton’s Laws of Motion and other physics concepts will be explored, and students will calculate the speed and acceleration of objects and experience how those objects will react with other forces (gravity, friction, etc.). Students will also demonstrate how these concepts are applied in the world today, such as with roller coasters, rockets, etc.

Exploring Nature with Technology: Students will explore nature through a variety of technologies, including iPods, GPS, digital cameras, and LabQuest sensors.

If Mother Nature Could Take a Selfie: An Examination of How All Things Are Connected: Students will visit the Taylor Fork Ecological Area, uncover how even the smallest changes to an ecosystem can have large impacts, and learn about issues related to water, land use, invasive/exotic species and how to be good stewards of the land.

Engineers Save the Day: Students can try their hand at engineering challenges that will push their limits in design, creation, and creativity.

The $145 cost for the camp includes lunch, snacks, and t-shirt. Brochures and registration materials are available by contacting Debra Sparks at 859-622-2154 or debra.sparks@eku.edu.

Published on May 19, 2014

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