Guthrie, Gleason Release New Music Recordings

By Stephanie Cole

Student Writer, EKU Public Relations

Two Eastern Kentucky University employees recently released two music recordings. Communications professor Dr. Jim Gleason made his solo debut with “Deconstruction Ahead,” and Media Production Specialist Earl Guthrie, with his band Earl Guthrie and the Boxwine Prophets, released a new self-titled CD.

A mix of genres, “Deconstruction Ahead” ranges from classic rock and blues to country and Texas swing and more, while “Earl Guthrie and the Boxwine Prophets” conveys more of an Americana sound.

Gleason often performs with his regular band The Johnson Brothers, recording an album with them in the past, as well as two CDs with his wife’s band The Bats. However, Gleason has never released a solo album. “Except for some drums and keyboards, I played every instrument (electric and acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin and pedal steel guitar), sang everything, mixed and produced it, and I even designed the CD cover,” Gleason said.

Along with a co-writer on a few tracks, Gleason wrote each piece on the album. “That was a pretty big departure for me,” he said, “since I’ve never written much music before.”

Guthrie began performing in the early ‘90s, playing in Richmond since 1998. Performing with the band Leaving Trunk, the group released a self-titled album in 1998, while playing regularly in the Phone 3 Lounge (M.F. Hooligans) and the Buddha Belly on First Street.

Beginning to play solo acoustic shows in Richmond and Lexington in 2003, Guthrie said: “I had constantly been recording at home, but I never saw a reason to try to market myself. I took a break from my own music around 2008, in order to sit in with some other bands. The intentions were to broaden my perspective.”

Guthrie also writes each of his songs. “I have tried to collaborate with other artists in the past,” Guthrie said, “but I find I can be more critical toward a song if it is 100 percent mine. I never want to tell someone else that I am unhappy with their creativity or songwriting ability. Though, with this, I can be my worst enemy.”

In addition to its U.S. sales, “Earl Guthrie and the Boxwine Prophets” has sold in the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France and, most recently, Spain. The Spanish company Rock-n-Roll Circus Records in Madrid, Spain recently ordered 10 CDs.

Both Gleason and Guthrie began at full-time EKU in fall 2005 and plan to release more recordings in the future. Gleason will continue to perform with a variety of bands in Lexington, playing with the Johnson Brothers at Natasha’s Bistro on Saturday, Aug. 4. He is also the staff guitarist at Renfro Valley, playing the Malt Shop Memories show every Thursday evening. Guthrie just completed a series of release shows in Louisville, along with a performance at the Paddy Wagon on June 29. More shows will be scheduled this fall.

“Deconstruction Ahead” and “Earl Guthrie and the Boxwine Prophets” are available online at iTunes and, as well as at any live performances. Recordings are also available through outline outlets like Spotify and Rhapsody. “Earl Guthrie and the Boxwine Prophets” is also available on, eMusic, CD Universe, Underground Sounds in Louisville and Richmond Audio and Video.

Published on July 30, 2012

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