Model Middle Ranks Second in State on KCCT Scores

Model Laboratory Middle School ranks second among the state’s middle schools, according to results of the most recent Kentucky Core Content Test (KCCT).

Model Middle attained its highest ranking ever, based on the percentage of Proficient and Distinguished students in reading and mathematics. On the reading test, 87.35 percent of the school’s students scored at the Proficient or Distinguished level. On the math test, the score was 83.33 percent. Only the School for the Creative and Performing Arts SCAPA at Bluegrass, Lexington, outscored Model on the combined rating.

“It is a tribute to the hard work of our students and faculty,” said James Dantic, director of Model Laboratory School. “I am very excited about these results. As the only laboratory school in Kentucky, we want to set a high standard. It takes motivated students, supportive parents, and excellent teachers. We also gain many benefits from collaboration with the College of Education and its students.”

Dantic pointed out that Model has recently increased programs for gifted students and also is offering more intervention for students who need additional time and instruction to master academic material. 

After-school options open to all students include classes in strings, guitar, ballet, yoga, art, French, Spanish, Japanese, and many other options. “We are collaborating with resources at EKU and in the community to offer these enrichment classes, said Sara Shaffer, coordinator of the Gifted Program. “The response has been overwhelming. These classes impact success in all academic areas.”

In addition, Model High School ranked ninth in Kentucky on the KCCT, and Model Elementary ranked in the top 16 percent of elementary schools.

“Our high school and elementary school also had very good scores,” said Dantic. “But the Middle School ranking of second in the state is very impressive. Our students take the test seriously, and the results show it.”

Offering classes in pre-K through 12th grade, Model Laboratory has been in operation on the EKU campus since 1906.  For more information, visit

Published on October 21, 2011

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