New Signage Coming Soon to Richmond Campus

Keen Johnson sign photo

Coming soon to a building near you on the Eastern Kentucky University campus: attractive new signage.

The University is undertaking a campus-wide signage program designed to better guide visitors and others as well as promote a unified look that blends both modern and traditional.

In January, prototype signs were erected in front of the Keen Johnson Building and Granny Richardson Springs Schoolhouse. By the end of the spring semester, dozens of such signs will mark virtually every campus facility. At the same time, all street signs on the Richmond campus will be replaced.

“The manner in which a campus pays attention to signage and way-finding says a great deal about how proud we are of the institution and the way we present ourselves to the public,” EKU President Michael Benson said. “These new signs combine the traditional with the modern: the iconic image of our most beautiful building on campus – Keen Johnson – with a more updated font, color and shape of the signs.

“I believe our students, faculty, staff and the greater community will appreciate these long-needed updates.”

The 4-foot-wide signs, constructed of fiberglass and supported by aluminum alloy posts, will be maroon with white lettering. The design also incorporates the Keen Johnson Building bell tower, whose carillon will soon sound again.

Ed Herzog, director of project administration for the University, said the signage portrays a “consistent and clean look that gives the entire campus a sense of being one.”

Besides welcoming approximately 2,000 new freshmen each fall, the University also hosts hundreds of conferences and special events each year.

The approximately 30 new street signs will feature a design similar to the building signs.

Published on February 24, 2014

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