Paramedic Students Will Be Issued iPad Minis

Incoming students who have been granted admission into the advanced sequence of paramedic classes at Eastern Kentucky University this year will be issued an iPad Mini, the Department of Paramedicine Sciences announced recently.

“The use of the iPad will better prepare our students as they transition from being students to the eventual role of pre-hospital care provider,” said Program Director Nancye Davis. “Many, if not most, EMS agencies have adopted electronic patient records, and requiring the students to document their patient contacts electronically will be one way of setting them apart.”

EKU paramedic students have moved from tracking on paper all patient contacts and skills made during their medical education to recording through a web-based application.

“Being able to know on a day-to-day basis if a student is nearing competency or running behind on the number of their skills will be a very valuable tool to lessen their anxiety as they near the end of the program,” Davis said. “Now, instead of having that sudden panicky feeling that a student might have when they realize that they are deficient in a certain number of patient encounters, both the student and instructor can know instantly.”

EKU’s Emergency Medical Care Program is the first accredited Paramedic program in Kentucky and the second in the nation, with almost 40 years of providing emergency medical care education for EMTs and Paramedics. Associate and bachelor’s degrees are offered in Emergency Medical Care.

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Published on October 02, 2014

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