Professor Receives Honor From University in Slovenia

Dr. Fields photo

Dr. Chuck Fields, a professor in the School of Justice Studies at Eastern Kentucky University, will be awarded the title of “Honorary Senator” by the University of Maribor in Slovenia for his significant contributions to the development of research at the institution.

According to Gorzad Mesko, dean of the University of Maribor’s Criminal Justice and Security program, the reasons for the honor are many, including:

*   co-organization of the biennial Policing conferences since 2004

*   co-editing of internationally published books

*   co-editing of special issues of Policing – An international journal of police strategies and management and The Prison Journal

*   co-authoring of numerous papers with the FCJS-UM research staff published in international journals and edited books;

*   membership in editorial boards of the Journal of Criminal Justice and security and Revija za kriminalistiko in kriminologijo (SSCI)

*   co-mentoring a doctoral student (a thesis on crimes against the environment from criminological and criminal justice perspectives)

*   numerous peer-reviews of research articles of the FCJS-UM research staff

*   organization of EKU student visits to Slovenia and study visits by Slovenian students to EKU.

Maribor officials invited Fields to attend an official ceremony at the Slovenia institution in September.

Fields, who joined the EKU faculty in 1997, is the editor of The Dialogue and the American Journal of Criminal Justice. He has authored and/or edited seven books and monographs, including “Understanding and Managing Threats to the Environment in Southeastern Europe,” “Controversial Issues in Corrections,” “Comparative Perspectives on the Cultures and Strategies in Europe and the United States,” and “Modern Police Organizations.”

Fields has been published in a number of journals, including The Prison Journal, Journal of Criminal Justice, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Quarterly Journal of Ideology and Economic Business Review. In addition to researching comparative state laws, he takes a group of EKU graduate students to the Police College of Finland and the Finnish Prison Personnel Training Center, where he lectures twice a year. He is also involved in developing graduate student trips to Cuba and Moscow.

Published on July 23, 2013

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