Retired Mathematics Professor Finds Fame with YouTube Cooking Channel

Givan photo

As a mathematics faculty member at Eastern Kentucky University from 1981 to 2006, Dr. Betty Givan spent her days immersed in numbers.

For the past several years, the Richmond resident has been counting YouTube hits, cookbook sales and a growing army of fans – as a culinary entrepreneur.

The current issue of Forbes magazine profiles Givan and two others as “Three Entrepreneurs Who Changed Their Lives with YouTube.”

Givan’s YouTube channel, Betty’s Kitchen, has amassed 36 million views and more than 110,000 subscribers, according to the article. Two mobile apps and two cookbooks extend her reach.

When she retired from EKU, Givan co-owned a business that produced educational videos and, as the article relates, started Betty’s Kitchen in 2009 as “just a fun way to share some of my recipes with others” and keep traditional southern cooking alive.

Two years later, she was featured in a 20/20 report on the “Moms of YouTube.”

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Published on August 28, 2014

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