Search for VP for Marketing and Communications Will Continue

The national search for a Vice President for Marketing and Communications will continue at Eastern Kentucky University into 2014.

Three finalists for Vice President for University Relations and EKU Branding visited the campus in November. However, at the conclusion of their visits, the campus search committee recommended that the search process continue. EKU President Michael Benson concurred and indicated that the position would be “re-cast” as Vice President for Marketing and Communications, “with the underlying subtext that ‘branding’ is part and parcel of what this position will do and be responsible for across campus and within our community and beyond.”

Benson said each finalist “had attributes and work experience which were very desirable” but “there was not a consensus on a candidate.”

The individual selected for the position will integrate several departments and services across campus, from marketing and public relations to printing services and WEKU. “The successful candidate will lead this unit with a creative vision and a unified focus on excellence,” said Betina Gardner, dean of EKU Libraries and chair of the search committee. “It is critical that EKU find the right person. It has to be someone with strong leadership qualities, extensive professional experience, and who fits the culture of our institution.”

Until the new position is filled, Mark Sandy, EKU Director of Athletics, will serve in the position on an interim basis, beginning Jan. 1, “in order to pull these areas together as the search continues for a permanent vice president,” according to Gardner.

Benson said Sandy “has proven his value to the University through his service both in Athletics and as our interim Vice President for Development (earlier this year), and he has graciously agreed to take on this responsibility as we move forward.”

Meanwhile, the search committee will resume its work.

“I am very pleased that we have a capable and committed search committee for this position,” Benson said. “This team is working together to help EKU find a leader who can strategically position the University as a local, regional and global leader in higher education.”

Gardner thanked the committee for “all of its hard work up to this point in the process,” adding that she and the committee “look forward to bringing the next great leader to EKU.”

Published on December 04, 2013

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