Senior Athletic Training Major Accepts Position with Dallas Cowboys

Feeback photo w Cowboys

By Stephanie Cole

EKU Public Relations

In the heat of two Texan summers, Bobby Feeback rubbed shoulders with some Cowboys in the fields. The football fields, that is.

Now, after two summer-long, pre-season internships with the team, Feeback, an Eastern Kentucky University senior athletic training major from Cynthiana, has accepted a two-year seasonal position with the Dallas Cowboys.

During his long work days, typically from 5:30 a.m. until 11 p.m., Feeback was responsible for some taping before practices, the athletes’ hydration during practices and various treatments for injured players after practices. He also restocked supplies, traveled to some games and performed “mini-jobs” as assigned.

“My favorite thing about these famous athletes is that, after the first two days around them, you notice that they are normal and just like me or you,” Feeback said.

Feeback was selected for the summer internship from approximately 150 applicants after sending a resume and cover letter, then participating in a phone interview. He was one of five interns and was the only intern to return the following summer.

Dr. Eric Fuchs, director of EKU’s athletic training program, said Feeback “is an excellent student in the classroom, in his clinical and with his involvement in the student club. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Student Athletic Trainers’ Association. Bobby’s preceptors all speak highly of him as a student in his clinical skill capability and willingness to work hard.”

“My goal since I got to EKU was to work in the NFL,” Feeback said. “The next step in getting there is to complete a seasonal internship. Hopefully I’ll get lucky after that and find a job in the league.”

He credits his mentors, Fuchs and Jim Madaleno, head athletic trainer for University of Kentucky Football, who led Feeback before he transferred to EKU, for his success. “My professors and preceptors prepped me very well by always getting the best out of me and expecting nothing less,” Feeback said.

“NFL summer internships are highly competitive, and having a student selected for one is exciting and reflects positively on the EKU Athletic Training Program,” Fuchs said, “but having Bobby perform in such a way that they invited him back for a second summer is a reflection first of the quality, dedication and hard work Bobby has put into his chosen professional field and education as a student, and secondly of the quality education the EKU Athletic Training Program is providing our students.” The EKU program has had previous students complete internships with the San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks.

“I learned to always work hard even when you’re tired,” Feeback said. “You never know who you may impress that can help you later on down the road.”

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Published on September 30, 2013

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