Sultana Selected as Visiting Scholar by Consortium of Universities

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Dr. Qaisar Sultana, professor emeritus of special education at Eastern Kentucky University, was chosen as one of six Visiting Scholars by a consortium of universities in Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Uganda and Sudan.

Stationed in Norway, Sultana spent four weeks teaching modules on intercultural and interracial relations and educational challenges in the United States to intercultural, interracial and international education graduate students.

Sultana was chosen by a Slovenian university faculty and consortium member. “After several email exchanges, I was asked to submit a copy of my resume, a biographical sketch, copies of my research papers and more,” Sultana said.

She taught two sessions of 13 and 30 students at the research-oriented universities. “Every faculty member is engaged in some research activity. All students are engaged, mannerly and respectful. I never saw a student on a cell phone, on Facebook, texting, talking, eating or drinking while in class.

“Both the students and the faculty are well informed about what is going on in the world,” Sultana added. “They know the global issues and love to engage in analytical, thoughtful and reflective discussions. Europe is serious about global education, multiculturalism and pluralism; about integrating immigrants and refugees into the society. The variety of programs, services and facilities is impressive.”

In 2008, Sultana went to Bangladesh for a semester as a Fulbright Scholar. She has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization and the United Nations Development Program. She is a consultant to the Higher Education Commission for the government of Pakistan. In 2010, she provided professional development to 60 special educators at the National Institute of Special Education in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, for four weeks.

Sultana earned her bachelor’s degree in world history and international affairs, master’s degree in political science and international law in her native Pakistan. She received another master’s degree in education from American University of Beirut, Lebanon and a doctoral degree in special education from the University of Georgia.

Sultana joined EKU in 1980. She retired in 2006 but has remained professionally active, teaching part time in her department at Eastern and traveling overseas consulting, delivering keynote addresses at international conferences, conducting professional development of educators, assisting with curriculum development, designing evaluation systems, and writing public policy in education, among other responsibilities.

Published on May 24, 2012

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