Summer Camp For Gifted and Talented Focuses on STEM-H Subjects

A summer camp at Eastern Kentucky University for gifted and talented students entering grades 6-8 will emphasize the STEM-H disciplines: science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health.

The sixth annual event, titled “Soar to the New Heights,” will be held June 24-28 at EKU’s state-of-the-art New Science Building.

The camp runs 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on each weekday through the one-week period and features a choice of 10 courses – five morning sessions and five in the afternoon – taught by EKU faculty, staff and graduate students. Participants will have the opportunity to take two different courses but, due to class size limitations, each student is asked to select his or her top three choices of classes offered during the morning session and top three choices of classes offered in the afternoon.

Morning courses:

·         Lego-Botics, which will allow students to enjoy a hands-on robotics lab as they build problem-solving skills in the STEM disciplines. Students will model real-life mechanisms to explore the world of engineering while showing their critical thinking and logic skills.

·         Where Does Your Food Come From?, which will explain how food gets from farm to table in a sustainable manner, the role technology plays in the dairy industry, what ethical issues are involved involved in the growing, harvesting, and processing of crops, and more as students get up close and personal with the management of animals and agriculture at Meadowbrook Farm, the EKU Dairy and EKU Greenhouses.

·         Is a Career in Health Care for You?, which will expose students to various healthcare professionals and their job responsibilities, education/training and salary information. Short video clips will show the professionals as they work. In addition, each student will get to choose a profession they are interested in and will do some guided research. The findings will then be discussed as an interactive group.

·         CSI: Crime Science Investigators, where students will be part of a detective team and learn about different techniques forensic scientists use to catch lawbreakers.

·         What’s in Your Water?, which will allow students to explore the unique physical, chemical and biological qualities of Wilgreen Lake, located just 10 miles from campus, through a series of hands-on scientific inquiries that combine field and laboratory experiences.

Afternoon sessions:

·         Exploring Nature with Technology, where students will explore nature through a variety of technologies, including iPods, GPS, digital cameras, and LabQuest sensors.

·         This is your Brain: Get Movin’!, where students will get fit with a daily dose of BrainDance to energize the mind and body, and learn simple folk dances and creative movement. Participants will reflect on the need for regular BrainDance in society today and how to bring about change. Dance experience is not required.

·         Put A Face on It, which will examine forensic facial reconstructing, an important ability to solving missing person investigations and more. Using clay and sculpting tools just like scientists and museum curators, participants will learn how to put a face on a skull.

·         Renewable & Alternative Fuel Technologies, offered in conjunction with the EKU’s Center for Renewable & Alternative Fuel Technologies (CRAFT), where students will actively explore alternative energy through interactive learning activities. Activities will include the evaluation of various materials for liquid renewable fuel production (for cars and trucks), evaluation of various materials based on heat generation for use in electricity generation, calculation of students’ individual carbon footprints, and construction of a solar oven.

·         The Science of Sports!, which will look at the relationship between sports and physics. During this session campers will conduct experiments that explore how the laws of physics shape the way that we play many sports. Sports explored will include basketball, baseball and skateboarding.

Enrollment is limited, so early registration is urged. The cost is $145 per student, and all registration by mail must be postmarked by May 17. For more information or to initiate registration, contact Vickie Moberly or Debra Sparks with the Gifted and Talented Program in EKU’s College of Education, 859-622-2154, Registration with payment may also be sent to: Curriculum and Instruction, Gifted and Talented, Combs Building 215, Eastern Kentucky University, 521 Lancaster Ave., Richmond, Ky., 40475-3102, attention Debra Sparks. Checks should be made payable to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Gifted and Talented.

Published on May 09, 2013

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