University Twitter Account Receives National Recognition

Eastern Kentucky University did, in fact, advance a few rounds in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

The basketball Colonels might have bowed out after giving highly seeded Kansas quite a scare in the first round, but the University’s @NewsEKU Twitter account cracked the “Social Currency Elite Eight” with a sixth-place finish, according to Insightpool, a leader in social engagement optimization.

The @NewsEKU account, managed in EKU’s Public Relations office, performed even better in the category of Twitter Public Lists, ranking second behind only Virginia Commonwealth University.

Insightpool ( reviewed the usage of social currency of all the universities selected to participate in the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and developed its own Sweet Sixteen. Its survey, entitled “The Final Four Social Currency Index,” ranked the schools based on the activity and effectiveness of their Twitter accounts during the first quarter of 2014, not on tweets, retweets and favorites related to the NCAA tournament itself.

Among the 68 schools participating in the tournament, no other Kentucky school cracked either the “Social Currency Elite Eight” or top 10 of Twitter Public Lists.

According to Insightpool, “Social touchpoints (tweets, retweets, followers, public lists, etc.) result in social currency. The more social currency you deliver, the greater affinity your audience will have to your university. This somewhat costless distribution across various touchpoints will prove priceless in the growth of your relationship building.

“It’s impressive to see universities like Eastern Kentucky University, Mount St. Mary’s, Gonzaga and Albany utilize these pro-active social touchpoints to their advantage. These guys are all in the bottom quarter of the rankings when it comes to enrollment size (but) they certainly know what they are doing in social. They … have managed to leverage Twitter to engage and create additional touchpoints with their targets that can ultimately yield stronger loyalty over time.”

According to the survey, EKU’s 29 public Twitter lists easily exceed the average of seven among the NCAA tournament schools. “Lists are growing in popularity and will become increasingly important as Twitter feeds become full of obtrusive Twitter cards, ads, pictures, and promoted tweets,” Insightpool said. “Lists allow you to see your Twitter feeds as you would a newspaper, much more manageable and targeted streams.”

In addition to the @NewsEKU Twitter account, EKU President Michael Benson (@EKUPrez) also tweets regularly. Other EKU-based Twitter accounts include @EKUAdmissions.

The University can also be followed at

Published on April 08, 2014

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