Wasson Named Assistant VP for Institutional Effectiveness, Institutional Research

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Dr. Tanlee Wasson was recently named assistant vice president for institutional effectiveness and institutional research at Eastern Kentucky University.

Wasson joined the University in June after five years as the director of institutional effectiveness at Indiana University Southeast. She brings more than 13 years of institutional effectiveness and research experience from a career she began as a graduate assistant in EKU’s Office of Institutional Research.

“EKU is where my love of institutional research started almost 15 years ago,” Wasson said. “I have had amazing opportunities to learn, grow and lead at other institutions. Those experiences have prepared me well to return home to help EKU achieve its mission of service to the students and communities of this region.”

In her new role Wasson will lead both the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and the Office of Institutional Research. “Our goal is to serve the campus by providing quality, accurate and relevant research and data to guide decisions that impact all facets of the university,” she said.

Currently Wasson’s office is focused on improving the accessibility of the data and research it produces. Wasson said the campus can expect to see several communications this year regarding the ability to access data more efficiently and frequently.

Wasson also said she is learning as much as she can about the campus and her colleagues, while contributing to several important ongoing or upcoming initiatives, including strategic planning, SACS accreditation and academic program review.

A native of Stanton, Wasson understands the important role EKU plays in providing access to quality education for the growth of individuals and communities.  She earned her master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from the University in 2002.

“Without this institution and the education I received, I would have missed out on so many wonderful and valuable experiences in my life, and I would be less able to serve the communities in which I live and work,” she said. “This job allows me to contribute to the process of making sure those growing up in communities like mine have the opportunity to seek those same or even better experiences.”

Prior to attending EKU, Wasson earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Berea College. In 2008, she earned a doctoral degree in applied organizational psychology from Hofstra University.

Published on July 07, 2015

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