Water Tanks Will Proclaim Town-Gown Pride

water tanks ceremony photo

Four water tanks scattered across the Eastern Kentucky University and the City of Richmond will soon promote the University and proclaim town-gown pride.

EKU and the City have partnered to have the tanks repainted as part of an overall branding effort promoting Richmond as the proud home of EKU. The University will cover the cost of applying the logos to the tanks, which are owned and managed by the City.

The water tank on Amberly Way (near Exit 87) will display logos for both the City and University and note that Richmond is home of EKU. The tank on the Eastern By-Pass near the railroad overpass will also boast both logos and declare “Partners for Progress.” Both on-campus water tanks – one near Alumni Coliseum, the other across from Roy Kidd Stadium – will display University logos: the Keen Johnson clock tower and the Colonel, respectively. The tank across from the football stadium will likely be the last to be painted.

EKU President Michael Benson said “one of the first things I noticed” upon his arrival to Richmond from Southern Utah University was the water towers. “Given the water tables out west, we never had towers in our southern Utah community. They certainly have utility and perform an incredibly valuable function, but they should also be a point of pride while providing a unique chance to promote a name and a brand.

“The painting on our water towers needs to be updated,” he continued, “and also needs to show the inextricable tie to our community and to the City of Richmond. I think folks will like the designs and will appreciate the chance to underscore the connection between the University and our greater community.”

Richmond Mayor Jim Barnes said the partnership “allows the public to see us working together and having the true connection between the city and University. It’s the beginning of an exciting future for Eastern and a City of Richmond that continues to progress in growth.”

C & S Quality Services of Lawrenceburg will paint the tanks.

Besides adding “fresh color and brightness to the tanks,” the project “will convey a sense of unity between the City and EKU,” said Robert Locker, chair of the Richmond Utilities Board. “As the old saying goes, ‘It takes a village.’ This project is the beginning of a ‘team’ working together for a better community.”

Published on January 16, 2014

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