Using the Course Tiles view in Blackboard

Blackboard lets users choose to see their courses in "list view" or "tiles view." Here's the difference:


Users select the view by clicking the buttons at the top left above their entries:   All users can have whichever view they prefer, and can switch at any time.

Instructors, please note the following requirements and conditions for your tile images (and course banners):

  1. Focus your attention on creating a good tile image, even if you prefer viewing your courses in the list view. Many of your students will use the tiles view!
  2. The correct dimensions for the tile image are stated as 1200 by 300 pixels. Any image beyond those dimensions may be very distorted.
  3. If you have a course banner that you love, be sure to save it to your computer before you start working with tile images.
  4. We have provided some stunning EKU-related images that you can use as the background for your tiles, along with directions for editing them.
  5. When you add any text to an image, be sure to keep it centered and allow generous padding at the right and left. 
  6. It is possible to make beautiful tile images with the free logo-creation site Cooltext. We provide directions to use Cooltext through our Blackboard Help site.

As always, your source for excellent help with Blackboard is through our IT Service Desk, at 859-622-3000.