Directions to help instructors create and manage entries on the Web Course Fact Sheet

  1. Browse to the WCFS at At the top right, click Post New Course/Edit Current Entry.
  2. Log in with your EKU email address and password.
  3. If you want to create a new entry, click Post New Course/Edit Current Entry again, and proceed to step 4. If you want to reuse an entry from a previous semester, proceed directly to step 5.
  4. If you are contributing a brand-new entry, the process should be clear from the form. Be sure the Semester at the top of the form is set appropriately. Please read comments below about some details within the page. When you complete your work on the form, be sure to click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. Your entry will be accepted and you will get a confirmation by email.
  5. If you want to reuse an entry submitted for an earlier semester, please follow these steps. After logging in at step 2, set the drop-down menus for semesters and years to select the appropriate term for the "old" course, and click Display Courses. Find the entry for your course and click its Title link. On the resulting display, scroll downward and you will see the areas where you can make any changes you desire. Be sure to set the Semester correctly! Please read comments below about some details within the page. When you have made all the changes you desire, be sure to click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page.

Comments on specific WCFS items:

    1. The "Course Section" field is intended to list the registrar's sequential number like 001, 002, etc., for classes with the same subject and number. We also use this field to label (with "B" and "Y") fully online courses.

    2. Please put CRNs (like 50642) in the "Course Section Information" block.

    3. In the "Special Section Registration Requirements" field, we will place a link that says "View Registration Status," connecting to a page that shows the number of registrations in your course. You don't have to do anything about this link. It will not be operational until registration begins.

    4. The "Instructor's email" field is VERY SPECIAL because it identifies the "owner" of the WCFS entry. Please leave it set to your EKU email address. (If you prefer that students contact you another way, explain that in the "Special Section Registration Requirements" field.)

    5. In the last field, labeled "Instructor's Web Page," you are expected to supply a URL that leads to a non-Blackboard page where students can find a detailed description or proto-syllabus for the course. Please do not try to link into Blackboard, because students will not be able to view your course until they have registered for it. Consider placing the syllabus in your EKU Web space at[your username], perhaps inside a folder named for your course (such as PHI110/summer06_syll.doc). You can reach your Web space as the W: drive on Windows, or at smb://[your username] on Macintosh.

    6. If your course is crosslisted, e.g. for undergraduate/graduate credit or iinterdepartmental credit, you are welcome to simplify your life by creating a complete WCFS entry for one section of the course and then adding another entry that simply cross-references the full one.

    7. If you have multiple sections of the same course, we can create a single WCFS entry that explains the arrangements.

    8. If you want further information about any of the fields on the WCFS, email