IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction

EKU offers the IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction survey for delivery to students in both "paper" and "online" formats.

Paper delivery means that your students complete paper forms, typically during class time. For further details about paper delivery please contact EKU Institutional Research.

Online delivery means that your students will complete their surveys through the IDEA Web site. They complete their surveys through links found in Blackboard or by email. This method is available for use with any class at EKU, but it will be most reliable and successful for classes actively using Blackboard. It is very easy to get open-response questions (such as those on a departmental form) included directly in the online survey.

LInk to request IDEA Online surveys:

How does IDEA Online work?

  1. You use the request form (linked above) to tell us that you want to use IDEA Online for your course. We need to know the CRN for each class you want surveyed, the dates (typically a seven-day period) when students should have access to the survey, and whether you are using a combined Blackboard site for the class. Some departments collect these requests and handle them directly!
  2. When we enter your request, you get email linking you to your "Faculty Information Form." This form lets you identify your educational objectives and add any survey questions you desire. (Here is a sample FIF.) If your department has a set of standard questions to solicit students' comments, they will be included automatically in the online form.
  3. The pool of students eligible for your survey comes directly from your site on Blackboard. We will select all the users who are "true students," so that surveys will never be open to instructors, teaching assistants, graders, dropped students (marked as "unavailable Guests"), etc. (Important note: if you are not using Blackboard actively with your class, we will be glad to consult with you to make sure the pool of eligible students is accurate!)
  4. Immediately before the students' survey period, we provide you with an appropriate Announcement, to encourage student participation.
  5. During the survey period, students use the "IDEA Online Surveys" link in Blackboard, or follow a link they get by email, to connect to the IDEA Center's Web site, in Kansas. If you prefer a "classroom administration" atmosphere, you might elect to schedule a class time in a computer lab where (under someone else's supervision) students would be led to click the link on the Blackboard "Welcome" page to complete the survey.
  6. The IDEA Center processes the data and reports the results to you, via EKU Institutional Research.


What is required for success with IDEA Online?

  1. The list of students in your Blackboard site must correspond with your actual enrollment. If you are not actively using Blackboard, we can help you check the accuracy of this pool.
  2. You must promote the survey to your students. Many will cooperate as soon as they see the link in Blackboard or get the email messages they receive, but others will participate only with encouragement from you. With suitable promotion--such as a simple Announcement in the Blackboard site--we have obtained excellent response rates (85-100%) in many classes. A few days before your survey becomes available, we will send you the information you need to give to students.


What are the deadlines for setting up my surveys?

There are NO DEADLINES for setting up surveys with IDEA Online. EKU's policies require that student evaluations be completed before final examinations, but the IDEA Online process can be implemented easily at any convenient period during the semester. To get the most complete results we suggest scheduling the student surveys at least two weeks before the end of the semester, to be open for seven days; if the initial response is sluggish there is then time to encourage more participation.


What does the IDEA Online survey look like?

Here is a sample of the students' survey form for Spring 07, as used for many departments.

How do I start using IDEA Online?

Follow this lInk to request IDEA Online surveys:, stating which class(es) you want surveyed. The form tells you the data we need. We will then work with you to schedule the dates for you to complete your online form and for your students to receive their surveys. The schedule is very flexible!

My department would like to include some specific questions. Can that be done with IDEA Online?

YES, VERY EASILY! The IDEA Online process can be customized to meet the needs of any EKU group (college, department, program, etc.). Contact to begin the conversation.

Contact your department office, or use the request form at today!

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