Bb has developed a way for instructors to give audio/video feedback to individual students, from the Grading page for Assignments, tests, and graded discussion forum posts.

The idea is that you click a button in the Feedback box to start recording (using your computer's microphone and webcam), and then post your recording to the student. Then the student views the recording while reviewing the grade.

To use it, follow this path:

  1. From your Grade Center, open the Grade Details page for any file submission, test or graded discussion forum.
  2. On the Grade Details page, click Grade Attempt
  3. At the right side, click the narrow blue line (under the Attempt score box) to reveal the Feedback to Learner area.
  4. On the toolbar at the bottom of the Feedback to Learner box, click the "A" icon, to open the full content editor.
  5. On the third toolbar, at the left end, click the "microphone" icon. You'll need to "allow" the system to use your microphone and camera. (If you don't see three toolbars, click the double-down-arrow at the right end of the toolbar.)
  6. Click the big red button to start recording. If you want to include video, click the "camera" icon first. While recording you can click to pause it, and after you click to stop you can review it or delete it and start again. Click "Save and exit" to finish this step.
  7. You must click "Insert Recording" to get it placed in the feedback box. (You have the option to change the name of the Recording before you click that button.)
  8. If you want to type anything to the student, just add it to the feedback box. Click Submit and you'll go back to the grading page, where you must again click Submit to complete the process.